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Master of Arts (M.A.)


The versatile MA in English at Seton Hall helps you write your success story, whether you want advanced professional writing skills for a career in copywriting, grants, development, marketing, or PR; whether you aspire to get into a prestigious MFA, PhD, or JD program; whether you want to add to your teaching credentials; or whether you just love literature and want to continue to grow as a writer and thinker.
Our curriculum enables you to personalize your degree: students may pursue a concentration “spoke” in creative writing, writing, or literary studies in addition to a foundational “hub” of courses that teach advanced research, British and American literature, and critical theory. Choose from our courses in Literary Editing and Publishing, Digital Humanities, and innovative approaches to all the major fields of Anglophone literature.
For creative writers, we offer a bridge to the New York City literary scene; we consistently place students in prestigious internships at venues such as One Story; and we place our graduates in top MFA programs with funding. 
Seton Hall offers competitively funded TA positions (including stipends and tuition remission) that incorporate unparalleled mentorship and training with independent experience teaching at the university level.

What Can I Do with a Master's in English?

With a Master's in English from Seton Hall, graduates not only gain advanced analytical, writing, and communication skills but also benefit from the University's proximity to New York City. Students have opportunities to network, intern, and work with leading professionals in journalism, publishing, and the broader entertainment industry. Graduates can leverage their strong foundation in English and the experiences gained in the NYC area to gain admission into prestigious MFA, Ph.D., or JD programs. The curriculum at Seton Hall combined with the rich literary and cultural exposure of New York equips students for careers in academia, law, and the creative arts.

Is an M.A. in English Worth It?

An M.A. in English is incredibly valuable, offering in-depth exploration of general English literature within one of the best English programs. This advanced English degree enhances critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills, opening doors to careers in education, writing, and beyond. The English program focuses on developing a deep understanding of literary texts, cultural contexts, and theoretical approaches, making graduates highly versatile and adaptable professionals.

By the Numbers

  • 3 Degree Track Options
  • 10 Average Class Size in Fall 2015
  • 36 Papers Students Presented at Conferences Last Year
  • 30 Publications by Faculty Last Year
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Master of Arts in English

Focus on literature, writing or creative writing. Prepare for further doctoral study or a career in teaching or boundless other fields.


"The faculty in creative writing are proven writers; they provide an unprecedented level of experience and knowledge. They helped me master a unique blend of techniques that have been essential in the development of my skills as a creative writer, and this has better prepared me for getting published. I think that's what every writer wants."

Christopher Pollin, M.A. ’16


The English Department takes a holistic approach to literary studies, emphasizing both reading and advanced writing skills. All students complete a 12-credit “hub” of core requirements, which include literature, research and criticism courses. Then they choose to focus on one of three “spokes”: literature, writing or creative writing. In all three formats, students find engaging class discussions, connect with faculty mentors and receive one-on-one guidance to meet their goals.

Faculty Listing

The English Department faculty are equally committed to pursuing research scholarship and providing a vital component of a liberal arts education. Our faculty have expertise in rhetoric, literary study, writing and composition. The English Department faculty also have a distinguished record of funded research and specialization in multiple areas, including 19th-century English fiction, postwar American poetry, and dramatic literature and critical theory.

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Our Graduate Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to providing graduate programs to educate the professionals, scientists, educators and leaders of the future. Our goal is to impart the skills and knowledge that graduate students need to develop and follow successful career paths and to prepare them to contribute meaningfully to society through service and/or the advancement of knowledge. We believe that an education grounded in the principles of liberal arts and dedicated to societal advancement through research and interdisciplinary studies is the best instrument for producing well-rounded citizens with intentions that are both personally fulfilling and noble.

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