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Health and Medical Sciences
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)

Physical Therapy

Best Grad Schools US News and World Report Best Physical Therapy 2024Physical therapy is not only an important and rewarding job, it's also in high demand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for physical therapists is expected to increase 17 percent from 2021 to 2031 - much faster than average for all occupations.

Seton Hall's comprehensive Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) program prepares students to practice safely and ethically - and to treat patients who face a multitude of conditions.

We educate physical therapy students through a combination of rigorous academics and clinical experience. By the time you graduate with your physical therapy degree, you'll have completed 32 weeks of clinical internships at diverse sites in the region and beyond. Thanks to this strong preparation, physical therapist programs graduates consistently find employment within one year of licensure.

Seton Hall University's Doctor of Physical Therapy program is designed to enhance learning for physical therapy students. The faculty offers individualized attention to students struggling in clinics or fieldwork by leveraging simulation labs to refine practical skills. The program includes unique facilities like a Cadaver Lab for advanced human body study. It is the only DPT program in the tri-state area to offer a 3+3 dual degree option, and its NPTE pass rates are comparable to those of top physical therapy programs.

Why Earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Degree?

Earning a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree prepares graduates for top-tier careers in healthcare, emphasizing clinical skills, research, and patient care. Through PTCAS, applicants access the best DPT programs, which offer comprehensive training for physical therapy students. These physical therapy programs focus on advanced practice, preparing students for diverse settings. Career outcomes include roles in hospitals, private practices, and rehabilitation centers, where they provide essential care and improve patient outcomes.

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  • 100 % Licensed Graduates Employed Within Six Months
  • 3 Years to Earn Your Doctorate
  • 32 Weeks of Clinical Internships
  • 200 Clinical Instructors in our Network
MA Diplomacy International Relations

The Will Sergeant

Physical therapist Sandra ‘Buffy’ Wojciehowski ’04/D.P.T. ’07 helps patients, including Eric LeGrand, find strength after grave injury.

Andrea Constandis

“The Seton Hall D.P.T. program prepares physical therapists who are capable and confident to succeed in even the most challenging environments. In the burn unit at the hospital, I see patients who require complex interdisciplinary care.”

Andrea M. Constandis, D.P.T. ’07, PT
Director of Clinical Education, Concorde Career Colleges, Jacksonville, FL


The Seton Hall D.P.T. program provides a contemporary perspective on physical therapy practice and education as movement specialists, with a curriculum that highlights:

  • foundational sciences
  • neuro-musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • exercise and fitness
  • treatment for persons of all ages
  • cardiopulmonary health
  • ethical, legal and business practices
  • professional responsibilities and development

Our interdisciplinary approach means D.P.T. students often work alongside those studying occupational therapy, athletic training, speech-language pathology and other related fields.

Outside of the classroom, our students complete internship experiences at clinical sites. Students may also participate in faculty-led research experiences that culminates with presentations to communities of interest.

Admission Requirements

All applicants must apply through the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS). The curriculum of the D.P.T. program is rigorous, and the admission process is extremely selective.

Application Deadline:

  • Mid-October is the deadline for application to the Seton Hall D.P.T. program. The application deadline for each cycle is set by PTCAS, check their site for official dates.
  • Review of applications received after the deadline will continue until the maximum class enrollment is reached. See admissions FAQS.

Program Faculty

Our 13 highly involved and very accessible doctoral-level faculty are committed to teaching, research and community service. The Seton Hall D.P.T. program also has two full-time faculty members serving as directors of clinical education, who coordinate meaningful fieldwork experiences for each student.

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Richard Johnson
Department Chair
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Lorene Cobb
Director of Clinical Education
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Jillian Duff
Assistant Professor
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Learn the Art and Science of Caring

In response to society's rapidly changing healthcare needs, the School of Health and Medical Sciences combines the expertise of Seton Hall University with the resources of affiliate healthcare sites to provide exemplary academic and clinical training in graduate-level health sciences and health administration. The school's emphasis on interprofessional education prepares healthcare leaders of tomorrow to focus on patient-centered care and to make a difference in patients' lives and their communities.

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