Stillman School of Business

Outcomes for B.S. in Management

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Learning Goals - Management - BSB

  • Understand how to manage services and operations in organizations (includes supply chain)

  • Understand the human resource management functions

  • Understand and demonstrate how to manage projects

  • Understand how to manage supply chains

  • Understand and demonstrate how to develop oneself and others

  • Understand the essence of the entrepreneurial mindset, including innovative problem solving

  • Understand the theories and concepts of negotiations and demonstrate the ability to negotiate

  • Demonstrate the ability to manage and lead teams

  • Demonstrate the ability to, network and to coach and mentor others

  • Demonstrate one's cultural awareness and global savvy

  • Demonstrate one's ability to conduct courageous communications

  • Demonstrate one's ability to act on the ethical right instead of the common wrong

  • Demonstrate the ability learn from failure and setbacks

  • Demonstrate the ability to be adept at reasoning

  • Possess the polish of the business professional

  • Promote a healthy work / life balance