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Undergraduate Theology

The Department of Undergraduate Theology provides courses that engage the full range of Catholic thought concerning Scripture, doctrine, moral living, worship, and prayer, as well as the Church’s contribution to social-political life.  Our diverse community of faculty and students—including priests, lay-persons, seminarians, and religious—study Scripture and the central works of the Catholic Tradition from the standpoint of "faith seeking understanding."  Our faculty approach theology with a love of God and the Church and seek to provide students with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to use their heart and mind in service of the Church and the world. 

Department Chair

Ellen R. Scully, Ph.D.
(973) 275-2182

Full-time faculty and areas of specialization
  • Eric M. Johnston, Ph.D.
    Areas of specialization:  Theology of Thomas Aquinas; Nature and Grace
  • Reverend Douglas J. Milewski, S.T.D.
    Areas of specialization:  St. Augustine; Patristic Theology; Early Christian History; Early Christian Literature
  • Jeffrey L. Morrow, Ph.D.
    Areas of specialization:  Scripture; Sacraments; Catholic Spirituality; Spirituality of Family and Work Life; Recent Popes; History of Exegesis; Apologetics
  • Ellen R. Scully, Ph.D.
    Areas of specialization:  Patristics; Early Christianity; Historical Theology; Soteriology; Development of Doctrine; Christian Spirituality
Adjunct faculty and areas of specialization
  • Reverend Gerald J. Buonopane, Ph.D.
    Areas of specialization:  Science and Theology of Food
  • Gregory P. Floyd, Ph.D.
    Areas of specialization:  19th- and 20th- Century European Philosophy; History and Methodology of Phenomenology and Hermeneutics; Philosophy of Religion; History of Philosophy; Philosophy and Literature; the Thought of Bernard Lonergan
Degree offered
Active courses
  • THEO 1102: The Bible: Word of God and Book of the Church
  • THEO 1203: New Life in Christ: Introduction to Roman Catholic Moral Theology
  • THEO 1404: Life of the Soul: Introduction to Catholic Prayer and Spiritual Traditions
  • THEO 1501: To Know God: Introduction to Roman Catholic Doctrine
  • THEO 1502: The Church’s Saving Mysteries: Introduction to Roman Catholic Liturgy and Sacraments
  • THEO 2111: Theology of the Old Testament
  • THEO 2112: Theology of the New Testament
  • THEO 2113: Apocryphal Bible
  • THEO 2212: Culture of Life
  • THEO 3282: Morality Through Fiction
  • THEO 3594: Is Business Moral?
  • THEO 3321: Anti-Catholicism in the American Experience
  • THEO 3411: The Theology of Dante’s Commedia
  • THEO 2514: The Fathers of the Church
  • THEO 1297: Catholic Liturgical Music 1
  • THEO 4298: Catholic Liturgical Music
  • THEO 2512: Jesus Christ and the Mystery of the Church
  • THEO 2515: Teachings of John Paul II
  • THEO 2513: Apologetics 
  • THEO 3501: The Church’s Marian Teaching
  • THEO 3585: Creation and Science
  • THEO 3515: Science and Theology of Food