Church History

Church History studies the history of Christianity as a living faith and the development of the Church as an institution since its foundation by Christ. An academic discipline, it utilizes the same scientific method of inquiry as other branches of history, while always adding an analysis of events as seen through the lens of faith. This department focuses on the history of the Catholic Church in itself and in relation to other Christian churches, non-Christian religions, and civil society.

Adjunct faculty and areas of specialization
Recently-retired faculty and areas of specialization
Degrees offered
Certificates offered
Active courses
  • HSTD 6222: Popes and the Papacy
  • HSTD 6226: The Ecumenical Councils
  • HSTD 6268 (STHO 6268): History of Vatican II
  • HSTD 6310 (PTHO 6726): History of Spirituality
  • HSTD 6334 (STHO 6334): Catholic Evangelization
  • HSTD 6340: The Church of the Fathers, the Age of Faith, and the Renaissance
  • HSTD 6341: The Church of the Reformations, the Missions, and Today
  • HSTD 6412 (PTHO 6419): Conversion and Vocation: Augustine and Monica
  • HSTD 6416 (PTHO 6772/STHO 6416): Confessions of Saint Augustine
  • HSTD 6422 (PTHO 6738): Augustine’s Spirituality
  • HSTD 6426 (PTHO 6426/STHO 6426): Priesthood in the Fathers
  • HSTD 6430 (STHO 6430): Worshipping with the Fathers of the Church
  • HSTD 6611: Medieval Christianity
  • HSTD 6710 (PTHO 6710): Women Mystics
  • HSTD 6723 (BIBL 6723): Passover: From Moses to Jesus
  • HSTD 6807: American Christianity
  • HSTD 6809: History of Christianity
  • HSTD 6811: 20th-Century Catholicism
  • HSTD 6839: Art and Architecture of the Churches of the Archdiocese of Newark