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Seton Hall Esports 2022-2023 Year in Review  

Seton Hall University's Esports teams had an exciting and dynamic year filled with remarkable achievements. Successes in the Fall 2022 season propelled all three of Seton Hall’s Esports teams into new challenges and opportunities in the spring season. The program also underwent noteworthy changes, such as the addition of new coaches for the Rocket League and League of Legends teams. These updates, coupled with larger investments in on-campus Esports events, demonstrate Seton Hall University's commitment to the growth and advancement of its Esports program.

Rocket League

Rocket League Big East ChampionsAfter an impressive display in the first half of the Electronic Gaming Federation Collegiate (EGFC) Season 4, boasting a dominant 7-1 record and remaining undefeated in BIG EAST play, the Rocket League squad kicked-off Spring 2023 with unyielding determination, setting their sights on the BIG EAST Conference Championship. Though the team saw the departure of James “Jimbo” Heid, the players continued their success in the second half of the regular season with a 6-1 record. The Rocket League Pirates demonstrated their exceptional abilities throughout the remainder of the regular season, clinching a first-place standing and facing off against local rivals at the first-of-its-kind Battle for New Jersey held at the Razer Store Paramus. As a fitting culmination to their teamwork, commitment and talent, the Rocket League squad emerged victorious, claiming the Spring 2023 BIG EAST Conference Championship for the second consecutive year.

League of Legends

League of Legends players during a match.With additions to the League of Legends roster in the fall, including both players and a coach, the team skillfully leveraged these changes by exploring strategies and playing newer members on the Rift. Their determination paid off as they made their way to the playoffs, yet their run came to an end in the semifinals with a riveting 1-2 series defeat against DePaul University. 

The LoL team capitalized on their strong performance from the fall, finishing the Spring 2023 regular season with a solid 4-3 record and securing the fourth seed in the BIG EAST championship tournament. Despite a strong showing, Seton Hall lost to the tournament host and BIG East Despite a strong showing, Seton Hall lost both matches in a best-of-three series against tournament host and 2023 BIG EAST Champions, the Butler University Bulldogs.  

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate (SSBU)

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate 2023 team at an in-person event.The fall and spring seasons served as valuable opportunities for the SSBU Pirates to hone their skills and adapt to a competitive league brimming with exceptional players. The team experienced the departure of Nikolas "Gymbo2000" Theodoracopoulos at the conclusion of the fall season. In response, the squad rallied together under the leadership of Noah "N0ah" Ferro, who stepped up as the new captain. Embracing the spirit of experimentation and growth, the SSBU team made the most of the season, continuously refining their strategies and striving for improvement.

Player Departures

As the Spring season concludes, six players bid farewell to Seton Hall Esports and their respective teams, marking the end of their collegiate journey. These players have not only contributed their skills, dedication, and hard work, but also played a pivotal role in establishing a solid foundation for the future of Seton Hall Esports. While their absence will undoubtedly be felt, the teams are poised to adapt and build upon their legacy, propelling themselves towards even greater achievements in the seasons that lie ahead.  

Ian "Krop" Kropliak  

Ian Kropliak's player headshot Ian, a valuable member of the League of Legends squad, excelled in the role of the Attack Damage Carry(ADC). His marksmanship, coupled with his innovative thinking and strategic acumen, played a vital role in several victories, including both of the League of Legends BIG EAST Championship titles. During his time at Seton Hall, he earned the nickname “Krop Labs” due to his experimentation and success with new builds. 

Justin "FleuberBurbler" Lee 

Justin Lee's player headshot Justin, in his role as the Top Laner for the League of Legends team, consistently delivered standout performances. His contributions played a pivotal role in the team's success. As a top laner, Justin earned recognition for his exceptional durability and offensive capabilities, showcasing his skills particularly on favored characters such as Ornn and Tahm Kench. 

Joseph "Mr.Sheep" Seibert-Arnold 

Joseph Seibart-Arnold's player headshotAlthough Joseph played on the Rocket League team for just one year, he left his mark as a valuable member, exhibiting perseverance and unwavering commitment. Notably, his standout performance during the Big East Championship showcased his exceptional talent, considering it was only the second series in which he had substituted. 

Antonio "Tone" Riozzi 

Antonio Riozzi's player headshotServing as the Captain of the Rocket League team, Tone was a natural leader who inspired his teammates to strive for excellence. Throughout his 4-year tenure at Seton Hall, he played an instrumental role in the team's triumphant journey. From securing their initial Big East title to maintaining an impressive reign of being first in the Big East for nearly 3 years, Tone's impact extended to clinching 2 Big East titles, a national title, multiple invitational tournament appearances, and an impressive streak of five consecutive seasons as a top 32 squad in North America. Undoubtedly, Antonio's contributions have indelibly marked the legacy of Seton Hall Esports. 

Aidan "Owser" Grant 

Adian Grant's player headshotAidan, a formidable Bowser main and integral member of the Super Smash Brothers team, showcased remarkable skills and exhibited tremendous potential. Aidan's consistent and solid Bowser performance became a dependable asset for the SSBU team, relied upon to rally series. 

Kevin "Vollme" Craig 

Kevin Craig's player headshotIn his role as the Support player, Kevin proved to be an invaluable asset to the League of Legends team. His profound understanding and proficiency in the game's support role played a pivotal part in securing numerous victories, particularly when assuming tank roles alongside Justin, forming an impenetrable defensive line to safeguard their teammates. Kevin's journey holds significance as one of the first players to transition from the club level to the main squad, a feat that required considerable adjustment to the heightened level of competition. Undeterred, Kevin confronted this challenge head-on, displaying remarkable adaptability and determination. Together with the rest of the graduating Senior class, Kevin contributed to Seton Hall's first-ever undefeated esports record season in 2022. 

As the Seton Hall Esports teams move forward, they remain grateful for the contributions of these departing players. The teams will strive to build on their successes and continue to represent Seton Hall University with distinction. The entire Seton Hall Esports program wholeheartedly extends their best wishes for the departing players' future endeavors. 

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