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Stillman School of Business

Poets&Quants Ranks Seton Hall’s Stillman School Among Best Undergraduate Business Schools

Jubilee Hall

Jubilee Hall, home of the Stillman School of Business.

The Stillman School of Business was again recognized in Poets&Quants Best Undergraduate Business Schools

As Poets&Quants has noted, the ranked schools in its reports "reflect the top 12% of the more than 840 business schools accredited by AACSB International, the main accrediting body for business education."

This year, 91 schools made the list of Best Business Schools – with Seton Hall receiving an overall ranking of 61 out of these 91. 

Stillman at the 'Leading Edge of Business Education'
The ranking’s authors have said the schools included in the list of Best Undergraduate Business Schools constitute "the leading edge of business education, delivering a learning experience that transforms students’ sense of who they are and what they can do in the world."

Seton Hall’s Stillman School of Business ranks among the top 12 percent by virtue of being included in the list; its ranking of 61 puts it then within the top 7 percent in the nation. 

"We’re honored to again be recognized by Poets&Quants as among the best business schools in the nation,” said Stillman School of Business Dean Joyce Strawser. "We’re especially pleased with the Academic Experience metrics in this ranking. These metrics gauge our alumni and their success – and there is no greater testimonial to the power of a Seton Hall degree than our alumni."

According to Poets&Quants

P&Q’s undergraduate business school ranking is based on three categories we believe best measure the undergrad B-school experience: the quality and diversity of students enrolling in a program (Admissions Standards); the ability of a B-school to nurture, challenge, and grow those young minds (Academic Experience); and how the market and world’s top employers respond to those graduates when leaving the school (Career Outcomes). Each category is given an equal weight in the final score of 33.3%.

Mirroring its overall score, Seton Hall ranked 61st for Career Outcomes with 67 percent of students receiving a business-specific internship prior to graduation and 90.63 percent securing a full-time job within three months of graduation. For Admissions Standards, the school ranked at 67th, with a slight drop in SAT scores (Seton Hall is an SAT optional school) and the Admission Rate, according to Poets&Quants was "a tad less selective."

Academic Experience No.35
The Stillman School scored highest in Academic Experience with an overall rank of 35th in the nation. The Academic Experience ranking is based solely on responses from alumni who recently graduated, reflecting on their experiences. The authors note: 

Data for our Academic Experience category is taken straight from alumni. Who better to evaluate how well their degree prepared them for life after college?

Our 2024 alumni survey was conducted between June and December of 2023. Surveys were sent to the Class of 2021 (students graduating between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021) from every school that we ranked.

Academic Experience: 35th in the Nation
For Academic Experience, the placement at No.35 marks Seton Hall among the top performers in the nation based on alumni experience and response. In addition, this placement makes Seton Hall the top business school in New Jersey and the No.7 Catholic in the country. 

Two ‘Most Important’ Questions: Top 35
Within the series of questions Poets&Quants asks alumni two years after graduation are two they single out for importance and rank combined: 

  • Would you recommend your business program to a close friend, colleague, or family member interested in an undergraduate business degree?
  • Evaluate how well the business program prepared you for the world of work.

The alumni responses to these questions place Seton Hall at 35th in the nation, top in New Jersey, and behind only NYU, Fordham and Cornell in New York. 

Alumni Network: Top 23
There are three questions Poets&Quants singles out and ranks (combined) regarding the strength of the alumni network and the willingness of that network to offer opportunities to fellow alumni. Seton Hall ranked 23rd in the nation on that metric. The ranking at 23rd puts the University at the top in New Jersey and behind only Fordham and NYU in New York. 

Climbing the Ladder/Career Prep: Top 20
Three questions Poets&Quants singles out for alumni to gauge their belief in the effectiveness of the business school experience now that they are in the world of work:

  • Was your business school experience life-changing?
  • Do you believe your business degree will assist you in climbing to a new socioeconomic status?
  • How instrumental do you believe your business degree will be in reaching your dream career?

Poets&Quants combines these three responses in a ranking. In this subcategory regarding career, Seton Hall ranks as 20th in the nation. The placement at 20 makes Seton Hall the top in New Jersey and behind only Fordham, NYU and Cornell in New York. 

Academic and Career Advising: Top 12
Finally, alumni were "asked to appraise their school’s academic and career advising services on a 10-point scale" and asked these questions:

  • How would you appraise the effectiveness of the business program’s academic advising
  • How would you appraise the effectiveness of the business program’s career advising?

In this category Stillman ranked No.12, top in New Jersey and ahead of Notre Dame, Wharton and a host of other schools. 

More information on the School’s ranking may be found here: Poets&Quants for Undergrads - Seton Hall University Stillman School of Business

More information on the ranking methodology may be found here: Poets&Quants For Undergrads - The Methodology Behind P&Q's Best Undergraduate B-Schools 2024 Ranking

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