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Alumni Spotlight: Brian Sumereau '21  

Brian Sumereau image The Stillman School of Business had an opportunity to hear from recent graduate of Seton Hall with a double major in Finance and Information Technology, with certificates in Business Analytics and Market Research – Brian Sumereau, Class of 2021.

Brian was a member of the Gerald P. Buccino Leadership Program and a peer tutor in the Academic Resource Center. He also founded a chapter of the Financial Planning Association at Seton Hall. Knowing all of this, it makes sense that Brian has such remarkable leadership skills.

Brian has an extensive list of experiences as well, including an apprenticeship with a Junior Financial Analyst at Modera Wealth Management, an internship at Eduscape as a Learning Coordinator and Data Specialist, as well as an internship in a Retail Banking Analyst position at Valley Bank. These professional opportunities have given him exposure in fields such as business intelligence, data analytics, and consulting. All of this has undoubtedly assisted him in receiving his current job, an Associate Business Analyst at Fusion Health.

Fusion Health is a fairly new company, started by Seton Hall Alumni Bryan Jakovcic '09. The Company is in charge of providing electronic health records for incarcerated individuals. This means that Fusion is in charge of filing and storing the Medical, Dental, and any other Health records that each individual has in Prisons, Jails, and Rehabilitation Centers nationwide. While Brian has only been at the company for one year, he has already had the opportunity to take on a management position and take part in upper management decisions, all thanks to his internship last summer.

While Fusion Health has only about 100 employees so far, Brian stated that "As the company continues to grow, hopefully [he] will continue to grow with it." He commented that something remarkable about a smaller company is that you take part in all different areas of the company, even if you are not necessarily working in a specific field. Because of this, even as a part of the Management Department, Brian had the chance to work with analysts, accountants, programmers, and he credits much of his continued learning experiences to these daily encounters.

For other Pirates at Seton Hall, it's important to know the value of small companies. As seen through Brian's experiences, smaller companies allow employees to gain a better understanding of the interworkings of the business as well as interact with leadership more often and with more quality. For students who wish to seek opportunities with smaller companies, please reach out to Teresitia Walters and/or Bob Franco in The Career Center.

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