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Module 1

The Radically Changing Nature of Leadership
"Old School Leadership" from 1900 to the Launch of the world wide web
The new normal: The pre – pandemic world was already chaotic
Leading during global pandemic

Module 2

Leaders Toolkit 1
Human Motivation
Purpose, Autonomy, Master Transformative Cultures & Organizational Approaches to Optimize Motivation
Deliberately Developmental Cultures

Module 3

Leaders Toolkit 2
Power & Influence
Nelson Mandela's Masterful Use of Power Influence
Case Studies in Effective & Ineffective Use of Power & Influence
Leadership lessons from professional sports

Module 4

Leaders Toolkit 3
Digital Transformation
Innovation Theatre vs. Genuine Innovation
The 3 Horizons of Growth
Human-centered design
Open Innovation & Open Source Economics
Lean / Agile methodologies
Amazon Takes Over from GE as leading CEO Incubator
"Digitally Savvy" Boards of Directors

Module 5

Personal Leadership
Confident or Overconfident
Don't Be Blinded by your own expertise
The increasing demand for "T-shaped" workers
Empowering individual contributors to step up as leaders
Review 12 Angry Men others who stepped up as leaders
Bill & Melinda Gates, Jeff Skoll, etc.
Malala, Greta Thunberg, Turana Burke, etc.

Module 6

The Socially Concious Leader in the ESG Era
The Business Roundtable's New Charter of the Corporation
Certified B Corporations
Social Ventures

Module 7

Leadership for the Future of Work
Leadership & Motivation for an increasingly remote & freelance workforce
Working alongside technology: algorithms, bots, robots, etc.
Building resilience and adaptability in times of uncertainty, disruption, adversity
Cutting through the "crisis fog" – proven practices to maintain focus, clarity, stamina

Module 8

Creating Your Own Transformative Leadership Plan
Introspection – 360 degree leadership assessment
Aligning your talent with optimal professional opportunities   
Growing talent- your own and others
Growth mindset
Course summary and adjournment