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(For College of Arts and Sciences and School of Diplomacy and International Relations majors)

Available to Seton Hall students majoring in disciplines other than business, the minor in business administration supplements the liberal arts or sciences preparation and facilitates a transition to a business career. Arts and sciences economics majors may also elect this minor.

Three categories totaling 24 credits are required, along with a minimum GPA of 2.25 in the minor program. The categories are:

  1. Environment of Business, including one course each in economics and law;
  2. Tools of Business, including one course each in accounting, statistics and management information systems; and
  3. Functional Areas of Business, including one course each in finance, management and marketing.

Minor in Business Administration Requirements (24 credits):

  • BACC 2103 Financial Accounting - 3 credits (30 credits*)
  • BFIN 2201 Business Finance - 3 credits (45 credits, BACC 2103 and ECON 1411 or equivalent*)
  • BLAW 2301 Legal Foundations of Business - 3 credits
  • BITM 2701 Information Technology Management - 3 credits
  • BMGT 2501 Principles of Management - 3 credits (45 credits and ECON 1411 or equivalent*)
  • BMKT 2601 Principles of Marketing - 3 credits (45 credits and ECON 1411 or equivalent*)
  • BQUA 2811 (MATH 1101) Business Statistics - 3 credits (MATH 1303*)
  • ECON 1411 Introduction to Economics (or equivalent) - 3 credits
*Notes: Prerequisites are strictly enforced.

Transfer Courses

With the approval of the associate dean of the Stillman School, a maximum of 6 credits may be transferred from other institutions and applied toward the minor in business administration.

Changing to a Business Major from the Minor

The minor in business administration is specifically not available to students majoring in business. The economics course designated for the minor does not count toward the core requirements for a degree in business administration. If a student completes the economics course and then changes to a major in business, the student must still meet all core economics course requirements (ECON 1402, 1403 and 2408).

Program Faculty

Many of our full-time faculty have attended top Ph.D. programs and are in demand as lecturers, consultants and media experts. Stillman School faculty provide an academic experience characterized by high faculty-student engagement, often partnering with students on research and other projects.

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