College of Human Development, Culture, and Media

Curriculum: M.A., Psychological Studies

The M.A. in Psychological Studies program is centered on a 36-credit curriculum in basic theory and methods in psychology. Students have the opportunity to select a concentration area of 4 elective courses (12 credits). Students may concentrate their studies in the following areas:

  • School Psychology
  • Psychology of Sport and Exercise
  • Applied Behavior Analysis

Students may also select an individualized concentration area with advisor approval and may undertake independent research or an independent study project.


Degree Requirements (24 credits minimum)

CPSY 6101 Personality Theory
CPSY 6102 Psychology of Human Development
CPSY 6102 Psychology of Human Development
CPSY 6103 Abnormal Psychology
CPSY 7005 Statistical Theory and Computer Applications I
CPSY 6001 Tests and Measurement
CPSY 6601 Couple and Family Dynamics: Systemic Perspectives
CPSY 8010 Seminar: Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling and Psychology
CPSY 8011 Seminar in Ethical and Legal Issues: A Systemic Approach
CPSY 8100 Multicultural Counseling and Psychology
CPSY 7615 Gender and Ethnicity in the Family


Concentration Areas (12 credits)

School Psychology

CPSY 6100 Introduction to School Psychology: History, Systems and Foundations
CPSY 6105 Biological Bases of Behavior
CPSY 6303 Counseling and Community Agencies
CPSY 7101 Research Methods

Psychology of Sport and Exercise *

CPSY 7105 Psychology of Sport & Exercise
GMED 6014 Exercise Physiology (4 credits)
CPSY 8007 Mind Body Issues and Interventions
CPSY 8010 Ethical and Legal Issues in Psychology and Counseling
CPSY 8541 Special Topics: Case Studies and Applications in Sport Psychology

* Students taking the Sports Psychology concentration will enroll in four courses in consultation with their adviser.

Applied Behavior Analysis*

EDST 7316 Intro Applied Behavior Analysis
EDST 7317 Measurement & Experimental Design in ABA
EDST 7318 Assessment and Intervention in ABA
EDST 7335 Applied Behavior Analysis Principles I
EDST 7336 Applied Behavior Analysis Principles II

* Students taking the Applied Behavior Analysis concentration will enroll in four courses in consultation with their adviser.

Note: All classes are 3 credits unless otherwise indicated.