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Every business has its own unique challenges. One way to address these challenges is to utilize consultants with an external perspective. The Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University offers business consulting services that partner you with a team of M.B.A. students to work on your business issue. Our goal is to create a "win-win" for students and business partners alike: hands-on learning for students and actionable recommendations to improve your business' performance.

We work with a multitude of small and large companies across a variety of industries. Projects range from drafting business plans for entrepreneurs, creating marketing campaigns and driving sales to strengthening your web presence, launching new products and more. Hear MBA Candidates Reflect on Their Capstone Course » 

How It Works


Consulting projects to address your specific business issue


Your business is paired with a team of 4-5 MBA students


Projects typically begin in Jan. or Sep. and last 12 weeks


Meetings occur on-campus and at your workplace


MBA Team evaluates challenges and works with you to develop a plan

How to Get Involved

A professional project for your business is just a click away! The goal is to create "win-win" projects that provide outstanding benefits for your business and great hands-on learning for our students. Click on the links below to get started.

M.B.A. Consulting Projects Overview

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