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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Market Research Center?

Anyone can use the Center.

How do projects work?

Projects are customized according to clients' needs. How can we generate more sales? What are our customers' hot buttons? Should I launch this product?

Businesses are typically paired with a group of 4 to 5 students who conduct market research on their behalf addressing a specific business challenge. Projects usually take place over the course of 3 months (semester-long projects). Students use a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods such as focus groups, one-on-one interviews and Web-based surveys.

To review a partial list of prior clients, click here »

What types of businesses use the Market Research Center?

Businesses run the gamut of small, mid-sized and large companies and include start-ups, national chains and nonprofit organizations.

What methodologies are utilized?

Methodologies vary and are customized according to the project and business need. Most projects include both a qualitative and quantitative phase. We work with our clients to determine the best way to accomplish your objectives.

What are the project deliverables?

Depends on the project... However, in most cases there will be (examples only):

  • Qualitative Research—Typically 1-on-1 in-depth interviews, focus groups or telephone interviews designed to provide a 'deep dive' into your target audience's mindset, likes/dislikes, suggested improvements, etc.
  • Quantitative Research—Usually Web-based surveys with a larger sample to validate strategies and tactics, develop messaging and prioritize targets/business opportunities.
  • Reports/Presentations/Recommendations—Included in all projects are interim and final reports, presentations, meetings and actionable recommendations.

Our market research projects are typically viewed as "win-win" initiatives. Students gain real world, hands-on experience and our business partners receive critical customer insights and actionable recommendations to drive their business forward.

How much does it cost?

The Center provides similar services to commercial market research providers at a fraction of the cost. Typical projects cost $2,500–$3,500. Commercial value of similar projects is estimated at $30,000. We are happy to provide a quote once we know more about your needs.

How do I learn more?

Click here and complete the form to receive more information, or call Adam Warner at (973) 761-9704.