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Undergraduate Assessment

The core curriculum for undergraduate students in the the Stillman School of Business is founded on the development of the students' professional competencies in six areas:  Change Management, Communications, Critical Thinking, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Teamwork, and Technology.  Our faculty develop students' skills in these competencies primarily in the core courses of the undergraduate curriculum.  The assessment process ensures that students' competencies in the six areas are, in fact, developed in the course of their undergraduate studies. This model is fully described in Competencies Development in the Undergraduate Business Curriculum (June 1998, Revised June 2011)

  • Assessment Process
  • Student Professional Competencies
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  • Sophomore Assessment
  • Senior Assessment

All business students must participate in the assessment process in order to graduate.  This site describes the assessment process and also provides details regarding the ongoing Sophomore and Senior Assessment Panels that take place every year.  Students may also obtain a copy of the reference manual on assessment titled Competency Assessment for Undergraduate Business Students and Key Vocabulary Terms for the Competencies (February 1999, Revised March 2001, Revised August 2011) from our Student Information Office (Room 526, Jubilee Hall).

The assessment process is a key component of the students' undergraduate education at the Stillman School.   It enables our faculty to monitor the quality of our undergraduate program and continuously improve and update our curriculum.  We are particularly proud of the sophomore and senior assessment panels component of this process, where students analyze a current business situation and are evaluated by outside business practitioners.   This part of the assessment model  enables students to gain confidence and better understand the scope of the real business world.