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Stillman School of Business
SHU 940

Marketing Concentration Courses (12 credits)

BMKT 7611 Marketing Research (3)

Marketing research procedure: the systematic collection, analysis, interpretation and reporting of data that enable marketing executives to make better decisions. Techniques of marketing research, including problem definition, research design, sampling, measurement and questionnaire construction, data collection and analysis and report preparation. Ethical considerations in collecting data from consumers, including respondents’ rights of anonymity, privacy and access to information about the study. The applications of emerging information technologies and data processing software (e.g., SPSS, Microsoft Excel) in marketing research.

BMKT 7636 The Science of Persuasion (3)

Nothing is more central to one’s professional career than to effectively communicate an argument. Regardless if the communication opportunity is a face-to-face encounter, a group setting, or to a broader audience across an organization, the ability to persuade is a fundamental skill to effective leadership.
The goal of this course is to extract knowledge from the social sciences on proven principles and techniques of effective persuasion that can be used in one’s professional career. The class will review and discuss books, as well as, academic and practitioner articles that focus on persuasion. This course will be conducted in an online environment.

BMKT 7640 Corporate Branding Strategy (3)

Today's companies must develop effective branding strategies for their products and services, as well as identify strategies for their organizations. This course focuses on the strategic essentials of creating strong brands, brand management strategy, and strategies for building corporate brands. The topics covered include: what constitutes a strong "brand' (from both marketing and legal perspectives); using brand personalities and cultures to create customer value and loyalty; strategies for building brand equity through positioning; brand leveraging strategies (e.g. brand extensions) and brand alliances (e.g. co-branding); building and maintaining strong cohesive corporate identities; building brand identities around mergers and acquisitions; and turnaround measures for floundering brands. Students will be required to analyze a given corporate branding strategy on the basis of the material covered.

BMKT 7652 Digital Marketing (3)

Individualized interactive marketing is one of the fastest growing avenues for targeting customers. This course explores the philosophies underlying individualized interactive marketing including one-to-one marketing, customer relationship management, and mass customization leading to a greater understanding of consumer-firm co-creation of value in a Web 2.0 world. The class will review and discuss books, academic and practitioner articles, and case studies concerning this topic. Prerequisites: BMBA 9457 and BMBA 9458.