Stillman School of Business
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Finance Concentration Courses (12 credits)

BFIN 7215 Capital and Money Markets (3)

Structure and functions of the capital and money markets. Effect on those markets of monetary and fiscal policies of the federal government; relation of these markets to the level of general business activity.

BFIN 7219 Security Analysis (3)

Analysis, valuation and trading of stocks and bonds, asset pricing theories and portfolio management and evaluation, with emphasis on developing essential analytical skills for investment decisions. Introductions to derivatives will also be covered.

BFIN 7230 Portfolio Analysis (3)

Analysis of risk and return characteristics of securities and security market behavior based on mean-variance analysis and optimal portfolio diversification. Special attention given to building optimal portfolios and testing their performance against a broad market index.

BFIN 7236 Corporate Finance (3)

Analysis of corporate finance theory and development of analytical tools, including capital budgeting, capital structure decisions, project financing and valuing real options.