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TESOL Certification (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages)

The TESOL teacher certification program at Seton Hall University provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to serve English Language Learners (ELLs) in K-12 academic settings. The program consists of 15 semester credits offered in a distance learning format for maximum convenience. The program sequence is an ideal pathway to an additional instructional certificate for practicing teachers. For those who do not hold a standard or provisional NJ instructional certificate, they may pursue the ESL 15-credit sequence as part of the Seton Hall CEAS program.

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Program Strengths:

  • An efficient, 15-credit pathway for NJ classroom teachers to an additional endorsement in K-12 ESL.
  • Unique distance learning model designed with practicing teachers in mind.
  • A promotional tuition rate maximizing program value. 
  • Personalized advisement that allows students to move through the program at their preferred pace.
  • Opportunities to attain The TESOL Servant Leadership Distinction Award, a reflection of the University mission.
  • Initial steps toward a graduate degree: Combine the TESOL program track with EDST graduate programs in Instructional Design or in Special Education.

ESL in NJ by the numbers

  • 15 years ESL designated a teacher shortage area
  • 6.5% of NJ K-12 student population are EL students
  • 165 different languages spoken by EL students in NJ
Gabriela Redhead

TESOL Certificate Program

Discover the vision and unique features of the TESOL graduate certificate program at Seton Hall University.

Jubilee Hall

"The TESOL program was the best thing I've done. It's reignited my love for teaching."

Alissa R. (MAT)
K-3 ESL Teacher and TESOL Alumna


The TESOL certificate program consists of 15 semester credits offered in online/in-person hybrid format. The courses provide individuals the knowledge and practical experience needed for a successful career in K-12 ESL settings.

EDST 6504 Applied Linguistics
EDST 6505: TESL I: Theory and Practice of Teaching ESL
EDST 6506: TESL II: Theory and Practice of Teaching ESL
EDST 6507: Second Language Assessment
EDST 6560: Historical and Cultural Background of ELLs

Admissions Requirements

  • Online Application
  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended, indicating receipt of a Bachelor’s-level degree from an accredited institution 
  • Current professional vitae/resume 
  • Letter of intent outlining your rationale for applying 
  • Proof of NJ Teacher Standard/Provisional Certification (if applicable) 

Application Deadlines 

  • The program accepts applications throughout the year and operates on a rolling admissions basis. 


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