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Post-baccalaureate (BSN) Certificate

Population Focused Nursing Practice (Online)


The College of Nursing offers an innovative post-baccalaureate certificate in Population Focused Nursing Practice. Nurses with knowledge, skills, and expertise in Population Health are in very high demand in all types of health care settings today to provide evidence-based care and design specific nursing interventions that serve diverse populations.

Addressing key issues in Population Health such as the impact of global health on health states, understanding epidemiology to better monitor and treat diseases, using advances in technological information to inform and guide providers, and comprehending the dramatic impact of determinants of health and expansion of nursing leadership are essential to address the multitude of health care disparities.



The certificate is earned by completing 16 credits. The following courses are required to earn the course credits:

  • NURS 6500 Determinants of Population Health Nursing Perspectives 3
  • NULD 6510 Epidemiology and World Health 3
  • HCAD 7520 Healthcare Data Analytics 3
  • NURS 6501 Addressing Policy, Management and Economics for Population Focused Nursing 3
  • NURS 6502 Global Population Health Nursing Priorities 3
  • NURS 6503 Interprofessional Population Health Capstone 1

Program Outcomes

After completion of the certificate program on population focused nursing practice, students will be able to:

  1. Understand how determinants of health impact the health of specific populations.
  2. Apply epidemiological data to treat disease in a specific population(s).
  3. Utilize technological information to inform and guide nursing care with specific population(s).
  4. Synthesize the impact of global health on the health status of a specific population(s).
  5. Evaluate the impact of economic and health care policy on delivery of health care services to diverse populations.
  6. Demonstrate leadership to address the effects of health care disparities on the health of specific populations.

Admission Requirements:

  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited nursing program
  • Valid Professional Nurse Licensure
  • 3.0 GPA from an accredited nursing program

Faculty Listing

Portrait of Ann Marie Sailsman posing
Ann Marie Sailsman
Clinical Assistant Professor
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Beth Jameson
Assistant Professor
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Mary Ellen Roberts
Chair- Graduate Nursing Department and Director DNP and Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program
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Kathleen Neville
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research
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