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College of Human Development, Culture, and Media


Students who wish to enrich their understanding of communication in conjunction with another major program may enroll in the department's minor program. Minors deal with specific subjects such as advertising, film, journalism, public relations, speech, theater, computer graphics, radio or television.  A student's minor program is developed with a department faculty adviser.


Students wishing to minor in Communication must take 9 credits of required courses below, plus as additional 12 credits in Communication electives courses.

Required Courses – choose one of the following courses (3 credits): 

  • COMM 1610 Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication 
  • COMM 2622 Team Building and the Group Process
  • COMM 2640 Organizational Communication

Complete the following courses (6 credits): 

  • COMM 2134 Communication Ethics 
  • COMM 2616 History of Rhetoric

Elective Courses (12 credits):

  • 2 courses chosen from courses coded as: COMM (6 credits)
  • 2 courses chosen from all areas of the College Human Development, Culture, and Media (6 credits)


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Photo of James Kimble posing
James J. Kimble
Professor of Communication
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Jon Radwan posing
Jon Radwan
Associate Professor of Communication; Director of the Institute for Communication and Religion
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Catherine Zizik
Associate Professor of Communication
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