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Social Work Policy and Justice

This certificate is for students interested in further understanding the set of factors that contribute to a broad range of disparities (or inequities) and the challenges that exist when managing, planning and policymaking among diverse populations.


Certificate Requirements

Required Courses:
SOWK1111 Introduction to Social Work (may count for social work major or minor requirements)
SOWK2314 Social Work and the Law
SOWK2334 Social Work Approach to Race and Bias
SOWK3301 Social Welfare Policy (may count for social work major requirement)

80-Hour Experiential Learning Activity
This experiential learning activity is designed for students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to "real world" settings. Students are required to have experiences approved by the BSW Program Director prior to beginning these hours. These learning activities can consist of internships, capstone projects, service learning opportunities, practicums, and other "hands on" activities. These activities must be identified by the students – though they can use the Seton Hall Career Center or their respective academic major faculty to assist as needed. Experiential learning activities can be paid or unpaid. They can also be for academic credit or consist of non-credit opportunities.

There are three required types of documents that must be completed. First, a learning contract outlining the goals and objectives of the activity. These learning goals will outline specific ways in which students will be able to exhibit the practice behaviors outlined in the CSWE EPAS. Second, timesheets documenting the hours of participation. Lastly, an evaluation (by an agency representative or the BSW Program Director) stating satisfactory completion of work. The evaluation must demonstrate that students applied their understanding of social, economic, and environmental justice to advocate for human rights at the individual and system levels; and engaged in practices that advance social, economic, and environmental justice. All documents will be maintained and approved by the undergraduate social work program.

One of the Following:
SOWK2311 Child Welfare Policy and Practice
SOWK2333 Current Trends and Issues (with approval from Social Work Director)
SOWK2335 Family Violence
SOWK 3336 Global Justice: Integrating Catholic Social Teaching Worldwide

Only the courses indicated can count for major or minor requirements – otherwise there is no "double dipping." Social work majors or minors will need to meet the certificate requirements in addition to the electives needed to fulfill the major or minor.

Faculty Listing

Our social work faculty members have vast experience both as academics and as practitioners in the field. In addition to frequent conference presentations and article publications in the most prestigious journals in the field, the faculty have decades of teaching experience with universities and government associations, including the Department of Children and Families and the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women. Faculty members are also experienced professionals in the fields of psychotherapy, addiction counseling and child welfare.

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