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College of Human Development, Culture, and Media
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Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Sound Media (B.A.)

Sound Production and Engineering

The Sound Production and Engineering concentration in the Visual and Sound Media program learn how to record and capture, edit, and engineer audio in a variety of disciplines – from music recording to broadcast television and radio to film and video production. Students are highly encouraged to intern in the nearby New York City audio industry. 

All facilities, including the television study, radio station, editing lab and sound production lab are exclusively dedicated for student use, and are available to students as early as the first semester. Co-curricular activities like PirateTV and WSOU 89.5 FM offer unparalleled experiential learning opportunities. Graduates pursue careers as screenwriters, producers, directors, editors as well as many other industry-related employment opportunities. 

Learning Outcomes Include:

  • Define the specific terminology and language used in the critical analysis of a film, television, new media and sound media.
  • Identify the major figures, periods, and movements of film, television, new media history, and sound media.
  • Identify major trends and approaches in the development of humanities-based media studies as a discipline.
  • Develop a language to analyze diversity (i.e., race, class, gender, sex, nationality, disability, etc.) in film, television, new media, and sound media.
  • Learn the various forms of research and writing in the humanities-based field of media studies.
  • Demonstrate mastery of the aesthetic concepts of composition, editing, lighting, and audio through creative work.
  • Demonstrate appropriate selection and competent execution of aesthetic forms and styles.
  • Engage in critical analysis of their own and their peer's creative work.
  • Students will complete (create) at least one advanced film, video, or sound media production project and demonstrate the ability to engage advanced original and individual production work following industry trends.
  • Utilize organizational/leadership/management skills producing film, sound media, and video projects by leading a team toward a focused goal/outcome.

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Career Outcomes

  • Audio Technician
  • Dialogue Editor
  • Digital Audio Editor
  • Field Recordist
  • Music Engineer 
  • Producer
  • Re-recording Mixer
  • Sound Designer


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