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College of Human Development, Culture, and Media
School Library Media Specialist

School Library Media Specialist

The School Library Media Specialist (SLMS) program prepares K-12 School Library Media Specialists to be certified by the State of New Jersey.  We are the first New Jersey University, approved by the state, to offer a three-track program: one track for certified teachers, a second for students without teacher certification, and a third for professional librarians that leads to full licensure as a school library media specialist. Courses are offered in blended, online, traditional classroom, and at off-campus locations.


The faculty in the College of Human Development, Culture, and Media are expert researchers and practitioners in teacher and leader preparation as well as professional psychology and family therapy. Many are actively engaged with schools and community agencies, modeling best practices to their students in the university classroom and in the field. Collaboration within departments and across is encouraged with the recognition that supporting and improving the lives of children, families and communities is a complex process.

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Joseph Martinelli
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The College of Human Development, Culture, and Media embodies the University’s commitment to pedagogical innovation, intellectual ferment and community engagement. Uniting scholars and students from four dynamic academic departments, the College provides cutting-edge, transdisciplinary inquiry into the stickiest problems of our time.

Our collaborative ethos is the hallmark of a Seton Hall education: an interdisciplinary approach to learning that grounds students firmly in their chosen discipline while expanding their perspectives through collaboration — setting them apart in their ability to lead in a variety of fields and solve pressing problems in society.

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