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Summer Sessions 2018

Whether you're a current Seton Hall student or planning to visit NY/NJ for the summer, consider taking a summer course at Seton Hall. With several sessions available, we offer many courses across our schools and colleges, many of which are taught online.

Summer 2018 Dates

May 22 - June 11 Intersession I
June 12 - June 29 Intersession II
May 22 - June 26 Summer I (5 Week)
May 22 - July 3 Summer I (6 Week)
July 9 - August 9 Summer II

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A Diversity of Summer Course Offerings

Summer provides an opportunity for people to look forward to a break in their typical year-round routines. It is a time to re-energize, retool and refresh. Take advantage of new prospects and develop leading-edge skills to remain professionally competitive.  Read more:  The Benefits of Attending Summer Sessions at Seton Hall University

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