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Pirate's Pitch with students presenting

Pirates Pitch StartUp

Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Pirates Pitch 2020, the 10th annual university-wide startup competition, was held on April 1. The competition is part of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies education program. At the event, selected Finalist Teams pitched to a panel of judges for more than $25,000 in seed funding. Due to Seton Hall University’s modified operating procedures as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Pirates Pitch 2020 Finals Competition was held virtually and was a great success. View competition results. 

About the Competition

The student teams spent several months attending a series of networking and mentoring events and workshops to assist them in turning their innovative and creative ideas into viable business models. The judges evaluated the teams based on their ability to execute their business model and turn it into a viable, profitable business.

Bryan JakovicJudge

Bryan Jakovcic ’09
President and Owner, Fusion Health (Sponsor)

Rich McMahonJudge

Rich McMahon ’87
CEO, cda Ventures and former CEO and President of Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Seton Hall University Regent

Pravina HeadshotJudge

Pravina Raghavan, M.B.A. ’01
Executive Vice President, Division of Small Business and Community Economic Development, Empire State Development

Gabino Roche HeadshotJudge

Gabino Roche Jr, ’98
CEO and Founder, Saphyre

Thank You to Our Sponsor

Logo for Santomassimo Davis Law Firm.

The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies thanks attorneys Christopher Santomassimo and Anthony Davis and their staff for providing legal assistance to our Pirates Pitch Finalists teams.

Student Teams

Logo for Agape


Agape is an athletic apparel ecommerce site that will allow shoppers to purchase high quality apparel for cost. This innovative retail model will enable its overseas factories to earn a fair profit. Agape will also reduce its risk because it will not have to carry inventory. Agape will make money is by charging members an annual membership fee in order to buy high quality apparel for the lowest prices.

Noah Thompson Headshot  

Team: Noah Thompson, a senior majoring in finance and with minors in information technology and supply chain management. Noah is also a pitcher for the Seton Hall University baseball team.

Don't stop, SKATE logoDONTSTOP. SKATE!

This is a mobile skate board repair shop that would be similar to a food truck. Our skate repair trucks will frequent skating locales and provide skaters with quick repairs to wheels and boards so that their skateboarding experience won’t be cut short. Otherwise, skaters need to find shops for repairs and won’t be able to skate for days while repairs are being made.

Headshot of Anthony Vanilla Headshot of Jevon Headshot of Marcellus Headshot of Quintar Mathis 

Team: Anthony Conrad, a senior majoring in management, Jevon Mitchell, a senior majoring in finance, Marcellus Counts, a senior majoring in social and behavioral sciences, and Quintar Mathis, a junior majoring in liberal studies and minoring in communications.


Edith Icon with textEdith is a digital workforce management software that enables midsized companies to increase productivity and employee satisfaction and prevent employee burnout. Edith tracks employees’ habits and workflow through self-identification of attitudes and progress on assignments. Edith then gives prescriptive changes to employees in order to improve their work experience, which will help boost employee morale, efficiency and retention rates

Headshot of Luke Tyler Headshot of Mariam Bsharat

Team: Luke Tyler, a Sophomore majoring in finance with a minor in computer science, and Mariam Bsharat, a Junior majoring in finance, marketing and entrepreneurship.


KINetics logoKINetics, is an app that would help members of a health and fitness club with similar interests to meet each other to work out together, as well as get together socially afterwards so that they can improve their physical, mental and social health.

Akinlade Headshot Belen Gamarra 

Team: Faith Akinlade and Belen Gamarra are both sophomores in the Buccino Leadership Institute. Faith is majoring in civil engineering and physics, and Belen is a majoring in psychology with a business minor.


LeadAhead LogoIn our tech focused world, we often forget to develop the leadership skills that help set professionals apart in the workforce. LeadAhead is the solution to teach undergraduates the” soft” leadership skills crucial to career success in the way they learn best: an app on their phones.

Rachel Badway headshot Robin headshot 

Team: Rachel Badway and Robin Schilke and are both sophomores in the Buccino Leadership Institute. Rachel is a finance major and Robin is majoring in Art and Design with a track in Graphic Arts.


For more information:
Please contact Susan Scherreik-Hynes, founding director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, at or (973) 275-2251.

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