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Distinguished Lecture Series
in Business Analytics and
Supply Chain Management

Spring 2024

Executive Lessons Learned in Analytics, Advanced Technologies and Supply Chain Management

Presented by the Stillman School of Business
Chaired by Renu Ramnarayanan, Ph.D., Department of Computing and Decision Sciences

Join us this spring for the latest presentations on Supply Chain Management and Advanced Technologies. 

Supply Chain and Business Analytics Symposium: "The Role of Data Analytics and Technology in Modern Warfare: A Panel Discussion with Defense and Industry Experts"
Monday, April 22, 2-3 p.m.
Jubilee Auditorium

Presented in person and virtually.

Supply Chain and Business Analytics Symposium

"The Role of Data Analytics and Technology in Modern Warfare: A Panel Discussion with Defense and Industry Experts"

Monday, April 22, 2-3 p.m.
Jubilee Auditorium
Also available via livestream

Both in the modern battlefield and internal operations, data analysis and technology are critical. To adequately support a wide variety of military activities, including acquisition, combat operations, system development, logistics, and force design, both qualitative and quantitative data analysis along with technologies like AI and IoT are necessary to ensure safety and success.

As the volume of data generated in the digital age continues to grow, so will the role and importance of big data analytics in modern warfare with applications spanning intelligence gathering, predictive maintenance and strategic decision-making to name a few.


Jermon BafatyJermon Bafaty, founder and CEO of digital and IT professional services firm Platinum Technologies, will discuss securing the defense industrial base and the leadership lessons learned as an entrepreneur in supply chains and national security technologies. Bafaty is on the front lines of America’s Defense Industrial Base, having worked in government at the Department of Energy on AI and with the Pentagon officials on procurement weapons design, cybersecurity and other mobilization issues. In his current role, Bafaty is strategizing to diversify America’s access and supply of rare earth metals, semiconductors and other advanced machine learning technologies to keep pace with China.

SrinivasanCPT Venkatesh “Anuj” Srinivasan is a military government officer (technologist) with 353 Civil Affairs Command (CACOM) in Staten Island, New York. Before joining the 353 CACOM, CPT Srinivasan was at the Army’s 75th Innovation Command in Houston, Texas, supporting the Autonomy & Robotics Team. In his civilian career, he is a research and development program manager with the U.S. Navy. He leads and manages emerging and disruptive technology programs. CPT Srinivasan’s technical area of expertise is in big-data, predictive data analytics, cloud computing, ai/ml, unmanned systems (sea, air, and land), acoustic data processing and data encryption, and unmanned systems autonomy.

Brandon SmithBrandon Smith boasts a distinguished career spanning over two decades in the fields of defense and intelligence in the Army and Special Operations, private business, and software sectors, consistently driving outcomes of national security and business significance. He excels in orchestrating remote and geographically dispersed teams, adeptly navigating asynchronous task management while aligning efforts with overarching team and company objectives. Presently, Smith serves as the guiding force behind advanced technology solutions design at FNA, delivering impactful results to both commercial entities and national security clients on a global scale.

Alexander BoroffAlexander Boroff  is an active duty Army Major serving as the Battalion Operations Officer for 2nd Battalion 69th Armor Regiment serving as the Framework Nation for Forward Land Forces - Battle Group Poland. An Armor Officer, Boroff has commanded company formations in both the generating and operational force. He has completed tours on both the 3rd Infantry Division Staff, the Joint Staff, and the Army Staff. While on the Army Staff, Boroff worked on improving Army cyber policy.  He commissioned through the United States Military Academy and holds a Master's in Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a Master's in Policy Management from Georgetown University. His publications include topics such as general organizational leadership in public and private sectors, Army reconnaissance training, and great power competition. He is a former Fellow at the Modern War Institute at West Point.