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Procedures for Promotion, Tenure, Sabbaticals

This memorandum provides information for those applying for (I) Promotion & Tenure and (II) Sabbaticals.

I. Promotion and Tenure

Procedures and criteria for promotion and tenure are detailed in the Faculty Guide (Adopted June, 2017), Seton Hall University, for faculty on the South Orange campus; in the Faculty Guide (Adopted July, 2014), School of Theology, for faculty in the School of Theology; in the Tenure, Promotion, and Appointment Standards of the School of Law (Adopted on May 12, 2006), for faculty of the School of Law; and in the Faculty Guide and ByLaws of the School of Health and Medical Sciences (Adopted December 6, 2010) for faculty in the School of Health and Medical Sciences.

For both confidentiality and sustainability reasons, the material submitted for tenure and promotion review should be submitted electronically, including applications, supporting materials, and committee decisions. Paper copies should not be provided of material that can be distributed electronically. Even so, the Tenure/Promotion application has to be available in both formats: (1) a single paper version to be signed by the applicant, committee chairs, and other academic officials at different stages of the process, and (2) an electronic copy without signatures. If committee members need to generate paper copies for deliberations, they should destroy any necessary paper copies as soon as practicable after their deliberations.

The application form for Promotion and Tenure is attached but can also be obtained from the Provost’s web page »

Remember, the application is required in two formats:

  • a. hard copy requiring signatures at each level of the process, and
  • b. electronic copy to be submitted to the chairperson.

Candidates will upload and update their own electronic documents in Blackboard. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that their documents are in the correct, clearly marked, electronic folder in Blackboard.

The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center is a resource available for rendering paper documents and other material into shareable electronic documents. There is training available for Blackboard and Adobe. For Academic year 2018-2019, please contact Amy Phillips of TLTC for assistance. The candidate should alert the Dean’s Office as soon as possible to specific items in the supporting material that cannot be shared electronically.

Schedule For Promotion And Tenure Application:

Date Description Responsibility


Applicants are to request access to Blackboard beginning in August through their Dean who will verify their eligibility for tenure/promotion/renewal.


October 1

Applicants for promotion and/or tenure upload complete applications to Blackboard that includes a file of publications, departmental standards/bylaw, and supporting documentation for the department’s review or to the Dean in cases where departments do not exist.


November 1

The departmental review is uploaded to Blackboard.

Chairperson of Department


The college/school Rank and Tenure Committee is convened.


December 15

The college/school Rank and Tenure Committee makes its recommendation to the Provost.

Chairperson, School/College Rank and Tenure Committee


The Dean submits his/her separate and distinct recommendation to the Provost and uploads to Blackboard.



Application and the file of Publications and Supporting Documentation is delivered to the location specified by the Office of the Provost.


Decemeber 20

The University Rank and Tenure Committee is convened.



The University Rank and Tenure Committee receives access to the University Rank and Tenure Blackboard site.


March 1

University Rank and Tenure Committee submits its recommendations to the Provost.

Chairperson, University Rank and Tenure Committee

March 15

The Candidate may submit a supplementary statement, but not additional documentation, to the Provost on or before March 15.


April 1

Notification is given to applicants of the Provost’s action.



Board of Regents vote on the Promotion and Tenure Candidates.

Board of Regents 

April 30

The applicant is notified of action taken by Academic Affairs Committee/Board of Regents.


September 1

Applications approved by the Board of Regents become effective.


II. Sabbaticals

The deadline for submitting the application to the school or department for a sabbatical is October 1 of the year preceding the academic year in which the leave is to be taken. The criteria for eligibility are detailed in Article 6.1.a in both the Faculty Guide (Adopted June, 2017), Seton Hall University, and the Faculty Guide (Adopted July, 2014), School of Theology.

To apply for a sabbatical:

  • A detailed description of sabbatical plans and projects should be appended to the sabbatical request form. Once the department votes on the sabbatical, the request form should be emailed to the Dean, with a copy to the Provost, as well as a paper copy to the Dean.

During the sabbatical:

  • The faculty member should notify the Dean and Provost if circumstances arise during the term of the project that substantially change the goal of the project. It is understood that such circumstances could be positive or negative.
  • At the midpoint of the sabbatical, the faculty member should send the Dean and Provost a progress report on all the goals detailed in the sabbatical proposal.

At the completion of a sabbatical:

  • The faculty member must submit a sabbatical report to: (1) the department, (2) the Dean of the College/School; and (3) the Provost. If the sabbatical ends in the fall semester, the sabbatical report is due by the first day of class for the upcoming spring semester; if it ends in the spring semester, the report is due by the first day of class for the upcoming fall semester. A sabbatical is considered a serious investment on the part of all concerned, so faculty are encouraged to prepare a detailed report in a professional style, suitable for presentation to internal and external audiences.
  • The department must report to the Dean on the value of the sabbatical leave for the faculty member and the department's efforts. In addition, the department's findings must be forwarded to the Provost for inclusion in the faculty member's file.
  • Faculty are encouraged to update the Dean and Provost as longer-term goals from the sabbatical project are realized.
  • Reference to the sabbatical must be included among the Acknowledgments in presentations/publications of scholarship engaged in during the sabbatical.

A copy of each Faculty Guide is available here »

Relevant forms can be found below:

Effective Date

September 1, 1986

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