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Seton Hall University

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

South Orange Campus Students

Why is health insurance required?
N.J.S.A. 18A:62-15 requires that every person enrolled as a full-time student in a public or private institution of higher education maintain health insurance coverage, which provides  a minimum of benefits.  Under this law the student must provide evidence of health insurance coverage annually.  In addition, the institution of higher education must offer health insurance coverage for purchase by the students who are in need of coverage.

Unexpected health care expenses such as those associated with unexpected illness or accidents can destabilize a student’s financial situation and derail his/her progress toward a degree.

What does “hard waiver” mean?
The term “hard waiver” means any full-time undergraduate and graduate student is required to show evidence of an existing health insurance policy OR enroll in the University Sponsored Plan.   “Hard waiver” does not mean a student must enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan; it means a student must show evidence of coverage by an acceptable health insurance plan.  Enrolling in the University Sponsored Plan is one way to meet that requirement.  A student is encouraged to compare the Seton Hall plan against other options, e.g., being a dependent on a parent’s health insurance plan, or coverage by an employer’s health insurance plan.  If no evidence of health insurance coverage is provided, the student will be automatically enrolled in the University Sponsored Plan.

What is the University Sponsored Plan for Full time students?
Seton Hall has selected a student health insurance plan underwritten by United HealthCare. Benefit information and other details can be found on the First Student website. Premium information and effective dates of the plan can be found on our insurance information page.

I am covered already by health insurance. What do I need to do so I don't get billed?
Students who are already covered by an insurance policy (i.e. through parent plans, family plans, employer sponsored plans) should complete the Insurance Waiver. For information on accessing the Insurance Waiver, please visit our insurance information page. Once verified, you will receive a confirmation.  The insurance fee will be removed from your bill (typically within a week).

Can I increase my insurance coverage?
Yes, there are options to increase the coverage to $250,000. Please visit for enrollment details and voluntary rates.

What if students don't enroll in the University Sponsored Insurance Plan, are they covered if they don't waive?
Any full-time student who meets the criteria for the insurance requirement AND does not submit verifiable insurance information is automatically enrolled in the University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan.

How can I enroll my spouse or dependent child(ren)?
If you are enrolled in the Seton Hall Student Health Insurance Plan, coverage for your eligible dependents (spouse or dependent children) may also be purchased. You must enroll them online at during the Open Enrollment period. Enrollment deadlines can be found on the First Student website.

Payment for any dependents will be due at the time of the enrollment. A dependent may become eligible for coverage under the Student Health Insurance Voluntary Plan only when the student becomes eligible (within the Open Enrollment period) or within 31 days of a qualifying event.

What if a student waives out of the University Sponsored Plan and later loses their insurance that they had with their parents due to a job loss?
This would be a qualified event and students would be allowed to purchase the University Sponsored Plan within 31 days of a qualifying event.

What happens when I graduate?
Graduates are covered through the end of the policy period. The policy period can be found on our insurance information page.

When will students receive their insurance coverage card?
Cards are mailed as the students are enrolled in the plan.  Cards are typically issued mid October for the Fall term.

Do I need a referral from the Student Health Service before I go for treatment outside of the Health Center?
No.  If a student goes to an off campus medical provider, the student will be responsible for co-pays, deductibles, and any portion of the bill not covered by the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Does the University Sponsored Plan also cover treatment received outside of New Jersey?
Yes, the University sponsored health insurance plan provides coverage in all 50 States, US Territories, and foreign countries. The “out of network” benefit provisions will apply. Foreign nationals are not covered in their home country.

Will prescription drugs be covered on this plan? 
Yes, prescription drugs are covered with a maximum benefit of $5,000." to "Yes, prescription drugs are covered. For information on maximum benefits, visit the First Student website. The co-pay varies depending on the type and cost of the medication. 

How can I find out if specific treatments or services are covered?
To view the University Sponsored Insurance Plan and a list of plan exclusions please review the brochure by going to Seton Hall’s page at

Is the University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan primary coverage?
Yes, the University Sponsored Insurance Plan is primary coverage.

Is Dental coverage available?
For details, visit the First Student website.

Law School Health Insurance

Information available on the Law Schools's Student Health Insurance page.

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