Catholic Mission

Priest Community


More than 40 priests reside on campus (including student residence halls) and many serve as faculty or staff.  The priest community includes the following individuals.

Reverend Renato Bautista
Immaculate Conception Seminary

Reverend Duverney Bermudez
Vice Rector
College Seminary - St. Andrew's Hall

Reverend Donald E. Blumenfeld
Director, Field Education, Seminary

Reverend J. Ian Boyd, C.S.B.
Director, Chesterton Institute

Reverend W. Jerome Bracken, C.P.
Associate Professor, Theology, Seminary

Reverend Gerald Buonopane
Professor, Chemistry

Monsignor James M. Cafone
Minister to the Priest Community; Assistant Professor, Religious Studies

Reverend Alfred V. Celiano
Professor Emeritus, Chemistry

Reverend John Chadwick
Immaculate Conception Seminary, Professor

Monsignor Joseph R. Chapel Associate Dean, School of Theology; Associate Professor, Theology, Seminary

Reverend Christopher Ciccarino
Assistant Professor, School of Theology

Monsignor Robert F. Coleman
Associate Vice-Provost

Reverend Gabriel B. Costa
Associate Professor, Mathematics

Reverend John Dennehy
 University Chaplain

Reverend Nicholas Figurelli
Associate Director, Campus Ministry

Reverend Lawrence E. Frizzell
Director, Judaeo-Christian Institute; Associate Professor, Jewish-Christian Studies

Reverend Pablo Gadenz
Assistant Professor, Theology

Reverend Nicholas S. Gengaro
Chaplain, School of Law

Reverend Thomas G. Guarino
Professor, Theology

Reverend Warren Hall
Director, Campus Ministry

Reverend Paul A. Holmes
Distinguished Professor of Servant Leadership

Reverend Christopher J. Hynes
Assistant Dean, College of Education, Director Police Program

Monsignor Anthony J. Kulig
Formation Faculty, Seminary


Monsignor Richard M. Liddy
Director, Center for Catholic Studies, Professor, Religious Studies

Reverend Walter Lucey
Formation Faculty, Seminary 

Monsignor Dennis Mahon
Assistant Professor, Communication

Monsignor Gerard H. McCarren
Associate Professor, Theology
Spiritual Director, Seminary

Reverend Douglas J. Milewski
Associate Dean, School of Theology

Reverend John F. Morley
Professor Emeritus, Religious Studies

Reverend Brian Muzas
Graduate Studies Outside Archdiocese

Reverend Robert P. Nestor

Professor Emeritus, Education

Reverend Mark F. O'Malley
Rector, College Seminary - St. Andrew's Hall

Reverend Roberto Ortiz, Faculty
Immaculate Conception Seminary

Reverend Lawrence B. Porter Director, Seminary Library
Associate Professor, Theology

Monsignor John Radano
Adjunct Professor

Reverend John J. Ranieri
Associate Professor, Philosophy

Monsignor Joseph R. Reilly
Rector/Dean Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology

Monsignor Francis R. Seymour
Archdiocesan Archivist, University Libraries

Monsignor Robert Sheeran
University President Emeritus

Reverend Robert Suszko
Vice Rector, Seminary, Director of Formation

Monsignor James C. Turro
Professor Emeritus, Sacred Scripture

Monsignor Robert J. Wister
Associate Professor, Church History, Seminary

Reverend Joseph F. Wortmann
Instructor Emeritus, Seton Hall Prep

Monsignor C. Anthony Ziccardi
Vice President for Mission and Ministry, Secretary Designee to the Board of Regents


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