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Seton Hall University
Students walking on campus.

Campus I.D. Office  

The Campus ID Office, in conjunction with other authorized Departments, is responsible for creating, issuing and maintaining the Seton Hall University Pirate Campus Card (SHUCARD).

The Pirate Campus Card is the official ID card of the University, and it is used by all Seton Hall University students, faculty and employees. Upon approval, the card may also be issued to visiting Students, Scholars or Fellows, as well as authorized Contractors, Vendors, Volunteers and Consultants.

The Pirate Campus Card is used for electronic access, e-commerce and in the Walsh Library. Electronic access into Residence Halls and Buildings, equipped with card access readers, is determined by the cardholder's status and /or by authorization from designated Departmental administrators who are responsible for individual buildings and privilege assignments.

The Pirate Campus Card also functions as a debit card for purchases made on campus and with our off campus commercial partners. For specific information about e-commerce uses such as Student Board Plans, Recreation Center, Vending and Laundry, Library, Bookstore and Pirate's Gold, please click on the appropriate link. Cardholders may also use the Pirate Campus Card at the Walsh Library to pay fines, make copies, reserve books and reserve group study rooms.

Identification Cards

Campus ID office issues student, faculty and employee, vendor, visitor and temporary identification cards with no initial fee for the ID card, however the cost to replace it is $35. Temporary cards which are valid for seven days may be purchased for a user fee of $20 at Campus ID office or during off-hours at the Department of Public Safety and Security Office. Temporary ID cards must be returned to Campus ID office within seven business days. Failure to do so will result in a $25 fine. All students and employees are required to show another form of photo identification in order to purchase a replacement or temporary ID.

Off-Campus Merchants that accept Pirate's Gold

ashleys marketplace

Ashley Marketplace

(973) 763-3300
BGR Burger logo

BGR Burger 

(973) 762-0050

Blue Ocean Chinese Resturant

Blue Ocean Chinese Resturant

(973) 761-8883
Cluck-U Chicken
(973) 275-1234
papa john's pizza
Papa John's Pizza
(973) 761-6060
pirates pizza
Pirates Pizza
(973) 762-6286
reservoir restaurant
Reservoir Restaurant
(973) 763-1488
(973) 763-3330
Dancing Blender
The Dancing Blender
(973) 821-5707
tito's burritos
Tito's Burritos and Wings
(973) 821-5750
university sub shop


University Sub Shop
(973) 763-4666




village pizzeria


Village Pizzeria
973) 762-8241



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