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Seton Hall University

Upcoming Events

The schedule of events for the Spring of 2018 is as follows:

Monday, February 19 Eugenia Paulicelli (CUNY) Lecture: "Italian Style: from the Divas to the Great Beauty." 

Beck Rooms

Monday, February 26 Trio of Porta Genova (Italy) Performance: Soundtracks of Italian Cinema.

Beck Rooms

Monday, March 26 Helena Sanson (Cambridge) Lecture: 'Isabella Sori's Ammmaestramenti and Difese (1628): A Woman's Life in 17th-Century Italy

Beck Rooms

Tuesday, April 3 Margherita Ganeri (Visiting Scholar, University of Calabria) Lecture: The Illusions of Gattopardismo: the Unmasking of a Deceptive Ideology in Tomasi's Il Gattopardo.

Beck Rooms

Tuesday, April 10 James Hankins (Harvard) Lecture: The Italian Humanists on Tyranny

Beck Rooms

More information to follow. Events begin at 6 p.m.

RSVP: Barbara Ritchie at (973) 275-2967 or

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