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Certificate Programs  

Becoming a leader in your field requires flexibility and an ongoing, versatile eduction. Our certificate programs help you stay current, grow as a professional and leave a strong impression with potential employers.

Graduate Certificates

  • Christian Spirituality

    Wives of deacons and deacon candidates are invited to journey together as a cohort in our graduate Certificate Program in Christian Spirituality. This program provides academic preparation in spirituality and a foundation for ministry.

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  • Population Health Management

    Seton Hall’s 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Population Health Management provides a comprehensive review of current population health approaches, strategies and tactics designed to improve consumers’ access and quality of care while managing costs. In this intensive certificate program – offered online and taught by the same faculty of the University’s CAHME-accredited MHA degree program – you will develop highly desirable population health management business skills, practice applications using data analytics and patient engagement strategies, and prepare for implementing a culture of wellness.

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  • Post-Conflict State Reconstruction and Sustainability

    Enduring and rising conflicts are unsettling many parts of the world, creating socio-economic and institutional challenges. The need for skilled professionals with specialized knowledge and training in post-conflict reconstruction is also growing.  

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  • Practice Management for Health Professionals

    Seton Hall’s 15-credit Graduate Certificate in Practice Management for Health Professionals offers the latest techniques and models for superior practice management outcomes.

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Undergraduate Certificates

  • Leadership Development

    Leadership Development is the undergraduate honors program for the Stillman School of Business and is only open to students admitted to the Stillman School.

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  • Market Research

    The undergraduate Certificate in Market Research is made up of a total of 12 credits (four three-credit courses). The certificate prepares students for careers in marketing or market research that focus on the collection, analysis and implementation of market research insights/data to make better business decisions. The different roles of qualitative and quantitative research are explored through a mix of projects incorporating the Market Research Center at the Stillman School of Business.

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  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

    The Supply Chain Certificate program targets students who can contribute to various parts of the supply chain by means of specializations obtained during their higher education. The certificate provides a practical understanding of the principles of supply chain management and helps students develop an understanding of both analytic and technical methods which can be applied to optimize these systems.

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Professional Development

  • Balanced Leadership Boot Camp

    On the highway of corporate America, leadership is an active responsibility not a passive duty. This means providing your constituents – customers, contributors and owners – with the Balanced Leadership™ they need to successfully reach their desired goals in concert with those of the organization. Maintaining balance optimizes performance. Balance leadership requires constant reflection and recalibration in terms of the way you and others think, act and feel.

    Rocky Romanella, an accomplished CEO, has the rare ability to have a clear vision of the destination and the passion to share strategies to drive desired results, including communication skills to develop a highly-motivated and balanced work environment. Romanella joins management development expert Nick Kochek for a two-part program exploring Balanced Leadership.

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  • Intermediate Social Media

    Learn best practices for using social media and developing rich content tailored to different platforms. Discover smart strategies for managing social media that will allow you to engage effectively with the audiences you are aiming to reach.

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  • Social Media Boot Camp Introductory Sessions

    Need to ramp up your social media skills? Curious about how to use the various channels available? This two day boot camp is designed for those new to social media and need to understand these tools in greater depth.

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  • Strategic Influencing

    One of the key components of leadership is having the ability to affect outcomes. Whether negotiating a fee structure for a new project, managing client expectations, recruiting employees, or partnering with colleagues, leaders need to build trust, gain support, and systematically influence results. But how does the process work? And how can influencing be applied strategically in different situations?

    Lee E. Miller, an accomplished trainer in the field of leadership, influencing and negotiating, heads a series of fall workshops on Strategic Influencing. The program takes place at Seton Hall University's South Orange campus.

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  • The Caribbean Summit

    Seton Hall University is proud to host a day dedicated to exploring leadership, tourism, education, the arts and investment opportunities in the Caribbean region. We will also address how organizations can fulfill contractual obligations and maintain business operations in the aftermath of natural disasters.

    Stretched across a million square miles of land and sea, we recognize that the Caribbean is a diverse community of countries, cultures and people bound together by shared history and common challenges.  Blessed with unparalleled natural beauty, but beset by susceptibility to nature's elements, external economic shocks and the comparative size of its individual states, it is understood that the Caribbean has struggled to attract the constant attention of the international community.  

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  • Why Values Matter

    Leadership training expert Rocky Romanella, believes that "Leadership is not a passive duty -- it is an active responsibility. This means providing people with the leadership they need to successfully reach their desired goals in concert with those in the organization."

    On Friday, March 24 from 1 – 5:00pm, Romanella, former president and general manager of UPS Supply Chain Solutions leads a CEPS professional development seminar entitled, Why Values Matter. The program was developed by Romanella to inspire and empower business and organizational leaders who are interested in learning how to establish a values-oriented organizational culture that exceeds personal, team, and institutional goals.

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  • Writing Tutorials and Grammar Series

    Refresh your knowledge of grammar, expand your editing and revision skills, and gain more confidence in your ability to write persuasively with two courses designed for anyone who wishes to communicate more effectively in writing.

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