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Recent Faculty Scholarship

  • Buckner, Janine P., Nolan, Susan A. and Marzabadi, Cecilia H., Departments of Psychology and Chemistry (2008). “Training and Mentoring of Chemists: A Study of Gender Disparity,” Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, Vol. 58, pp. 235-250.

  • Conway, Colleen, Department of Religious Studies (2008). Behold the Man: Jesus and Greco-Roman Masculinity. Oxford University Press.
  • Enright, Nancy, Department of English (2007). "Julian of Norwich: Journey of Faith." Second Spring, International Journal of Faith and Culture, Volume Nine "The Genius of Women." Eds. Stratford and Leonie Caldecott. The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts.

  • Gevirtz, Karen, Department of English (in progress). Mr. Newton Writes a Novel: Science and the Invention of Literary Omniscience, 1660-1750.

  • Sharrett, Christopher, Department of Communication (March 2009).  “Death of the Strong, Silent Type:  The Achievement of Brokeback Mountain.” Film International, no. 36.

  • Thurmond, Gloria, Departments of Art, Music and Design (September 2007), Ecology of Mary: An Ecological Theology of Mary as the New Eve in Response to the Church's Challenge for a Faith-Based Education in Ecological Responsibility. Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice.

  • Weisl, Angela, Department of English (2008). “A Mannes Game: Criseyde’s Masculinity in Troilus and Criseyde.”  Men and Masculinities in Troilus and Crisedye.  Ed. Tison Pugh and Marcia Smith Marzec.  D. S. Brewer.