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academy for urban school transformation

Academy for Urban School Transformation

About the Academy

Seton Hall University has been a catalyst for leadership for more than 150 years at the local, national, and international levels and has been recognized for its outstanding academic and humanitarian programs.

The University's College of Education and Human Services has a long standing commitment to leadership and to serving urban schools. This tradition led to the creation of the Academy for Urban School Transformation. Under the leadership of Dr. Charles P. Mitchel, Associate Professor, the Academy seeks to share the expertise and diverse experiences of its dedicated faculty to serve the urban school community.

Our Mission

The Academy is driven to raise student achievement by providing urban schools with research-based, practitioner-validated, quality education services in education capacity building, parent training, and world class professional development and mentoring for today's leaders, teachers, counselors, and psychologists.

Major Focus

  • Leadership: Increase the number of highly qualified education leaders
  • Curriculum: Help schools deliver quality curriculum through research-based strategies such as curriculum mapping
  • Supervision, Assessment, Evaluation:  Ensure that schools utilize instruments linked to curriculum goals to track progress.
  • Teacher Training: Provide continuing education and mentoring to urban school teachers
  • School, Family and Community Support: Based on nationally researched strategies
  • Education Capacity Building: Restructuring failed urban schools through a unique partnership of shared governance

Academy's Approach

Highly qualified, committed Seton Hall professors and practitioners, with extensive experience in urban schools apply proven research-based approaches to the urban setting with a focus on the teaching and leadership trifecta of knowledge, skills, and character strength.  The complete and competent teacher and education leader must possess the Knowledge of What to do; the Skill in How to do the "what," and the Character Strength to know Why it should be done, and the Courage to do it.