Seton Hall University

Admissions Policy

Individuals are eligible to participate in the Seton Hall University Upward Bound Project if they meet the requirements below. Individuals must be:

  1. a citizen, national or permanent resident of the United States, 
  2. in the United States for other than temporary purposes and provide evidence from the Immigration and Naturalization Service of their intent to become permanent residents, 
  3. potential first-generation college students, or low-income individuals (preferably both), 
  4. have a need for academic support, as determined by the institute, in order to pursue successfully a program of education beyond high school, 
  5. at the time of the initial selection, have completed the eighth grade, but have not entered the twelfth grade and are at least 13 years old, but not older than 19.

Osarieme EnabuleleHear From Our Alumni 

I am a junior majoring in biology at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania with aspirations of furthering my education in family medicine and public health while conducting research in neurology. This is where I am now, but seven (7) years ago at age thirteen (13), I was accepted into Seton Hall University’s Upward Bound program.

Like many, I was reluctant to join the program because it required me to sacrifice my Saturdays, which for any high school student is a weekly holiday. This played a huge part in how I first had difficulty adjusting to the program. Yet as time went by, I grew to love it. The program taught me the art of being punctual because, for the most part, I was tardy on many occasions. It taught me how to communicate efficiently with my peers and friends by pushing us to unplug from our cellular devices. Most importantly, it showed me that I had a family away from home. 

Prior to Upward Bound, I struggled with trusting others and being vulnerable. My mentors within the program were so involved in our lives that it made it impossible not to connect with them. I also learned the importance of planning ahead, especially with career and the college-going process. Being a part of Upward Bound taught me how to be a role model for students in the lower grade levels. It definitely pushed me to carry myself with a certain degree of decorum. I was also able to explore my creative side and face my fear of singing on stage. Seton Hall Upward Bound became the highlights of my school years. I was always anticipating Saturdays because of the fun, community service, social, and academic aspects of the program. I can honestly say that the program overall shaped me into a more responsible young lady while in high school. 

— Osarieme Enabulele, Class of 2017