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Self Guided Walking Tour of Seton Hall

Check out our Seton Hall students as they lead you on an exciting tour of the campus. The tour begins at our Welcome Center Bethany Hall and ends at the Campus Bookstore. Along they way you'll see Jubilee Hall, the Chapel, our academic buildings and residence halls, the University Center and dining hall, and our state-of-the-art fitness and recreation center.

Start here!

  • Bethany Hall
    Exit Bethany Hall and make a right. Walk across the crosswalk and proceed up the stairs near the flag poles. You have arrived at The Complex.

  • Upperclassmen Housing (Complex)
    Continue along the path and stop at Fahy Hall, the white building to your right featuring the University’s crest.

  • Fahy Hall
    Continue along the path, and stop at Arts and Sciences Hall, the white building with the tinted black windows to your right.

  • Arts and Sciences Hall
    Direct your attention to your left and you will notice Xavier Hall, our seven-story upperclassmen residence hall. Fun fact: from the top floors of the building, you can see the New York City skyline!

  • Upperclassmen Housing (Xavier Hall)
    Proceed to the right along the path that exists between Xavier Hall and Arts and Sciences Hall. You will notice our campus garden to your left along that path, as well as an alternate entrance for our Dining Hall. Continue down the stairs, approaching South Orange Avenue, and you will reach The Galleon Lawn and the exterior of our Dining Hall. You will notice several outdoor dining spaces.

  • Galleon Lawn
    Continue along the path that exists between The Galleon Lawn and the perimeter of the Dining Hall. When you reach the end of the path, bear to your left. Ahead, beyond the wall and plants to your left, you will see the main entrance of the University Center. Enter the doors by the Blue University Center sign, that displays the day’s date, time and temperature.

  • University Center
    Once you have entered the University Center, access the staircase to your left. Proceed downstairs, and head left toward the black double doors to enter the Commuter Caf and Main Dining Hall. You will notice the Commuter Caf straight ahead. Be sure to check out our student organization bulletin boards along the way.

  • Commuter Caf
    Looking to your right, you will see the entrance to the Main Dining Hall. Due to regulations for reduced density within our dining halls, campus visitors are not permitted to enter at this time.

  • Main Dining Hall
    Proceed to the left and exit the University Center via the doors beyond our Bank of America ATM machine. Continue straight until you have reached the Campus Green. If you choose to walk across it during your time on campus, be certain not to step on the University Seal in the center of it, as legend holds that a student will not graduate on time if they do!

  • Campus Green
    Proceed to the right, and the first building you will arrive at is Boland Hall, the large white and tan brick building to your right.

  • Freshman Housing: Boland Hall
    Proceed along the path surrounding the green, and you will notice the next building that stands behind our statue of Elizabeth Ann Seton, Jubilee Hall. You cannot miss it, as it features distinct yellow bricks!

  • Jubilee Hall
    Proceed down the path that exists to your right, between Jubilee Hall and Boland Hall. You will notice the Boland Hall volleyball courts to your right. Straight ahead, you will reach our Science and Technology Center, the large building with ground-to-ceiling windows.

  • Science and Technology Center
    Continue left along the path in the front of the Science and Technology Center, adjacent to the back of Jubilee Hall. You will notice a tan brick building to your right, Corrigan Hall, and will then reach the next building, Bayley Hall to your right.

  • Bayley Hall
    Proceed along the path outside of Bayley Hall toward the Campus Green. Turn right, and you will approach the entrance of Aquinas Hall which stands behind Bayley Hall.

  • Aquinas Hall
    Returning to the Campus Green, you will notice the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception immediately to your right, connected to President’s Hall, the building that is featured within our University’s logo.

  • Chapel of the Immaculate Conception
    Exit the Chapel and proceed to the right along the path that exists along the Campus Green. You will reach a pathway to your right once you have passed President’s Hall – begin to walk along that pathway. You will notice Stafford Hall to your right, and the side of Mooney Hall and a driveway to your left. Continue straight until you reach the white building on your left, which is the Walsh Library.

  • Walsh Library
    Cross the street (Seton Drive), and you will see the Richie Regan Recreation Center straight ahead. Stop to take a picture with the Pirate Statue and rub its foot for good luck!

  • Richie Regan Recreation Center
    Return back to the heart of campus across by crossing Seton Drive, and head toward the Campus Bookstore, designated by a vibrant blue awning. Your tour is complete! Treat yourself to a snack and beverage from the Bookstore or Dunkin Donuts across the path (located inside the Walsh Library), and do not forget to stock up on your Blue and White Pirate gear!

  • Campus Bookstore
    We hope you enjoyed your virtual self-guided tour of the Seton Hall campus!

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