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What Great Minds Can Do: Chase Agapito  

Chase Agapito

Diplomacy and International Relations major; Environmental Studies minor

West Paterson, New Jersey

"Through Seton Hall, I gained the practical experience needed to land my dream job with the Department of Homeland Security. I chose Seton Hall because of the academic reputation of Diplomacy and International Relations. And after studying abroad in Spain, an internship with the DEA, an internship with the United States Secret Service, my time at Seton Hall has exceeded my expectations. I just love it here."

Chase AgapitoWhile attending one of the many Seton Hall career fairs, Chase Agapito met a representative from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Just a short time later he obtained an internship at the DEA thanks to this connection. Chase credits this practical experience, plus a second internship with the United States Secret Service for helping him land a full-time position with the Department of Homeland Security.

Chase achieved his dream job through the tremendous support he received from Seton Hall's career center. "The career center staff is so supportive and the advisors are always available. They helped me not only connect with employers, but also craft my resume and prepare for interviews."

Chase, a diplomacy major, said his internships were helpful in closing the gap between the classroom and professional work. "My experience with the Secret Service was amazing. I gained practical knowledge and got to work side-by-side with field agents in the counterfeit division. I remember one time we were assigned to protect Bill Clinton and I actually got to meet him. It was an experience I'll never forget." 

This experience, plus his internship with the DEA, helped Chase build his resume and give him the professional skills vital for career development. He truly got a hands-on perspective. "While working with the DEA, I learned techniques used in drug trafficking investigations, filed cases, and I got to attend a Top Gun federal training program with federal prosecutors."

A West Paterson, N.J. native, Chase always had a desire to understand the world and make it a better place. Through Seton Hall's study abroad program, Chase was able to step out of his comfort zone and travel to Alicante, Spain, where he lived with a host family and fully immersed himself in another culture. "It opened my eyes to the world and helped me understand people, different beliefs and perspectives. I think this foundation along with my internships will help me be a well-rounded law enforcement officer and will make me stand out to employers."

Chase also found time for fun at the Hall. Whether it was as a member of the ski club, going to cheer on the Pirates, enjoying Dim sum in Chinatown with friends, or leading a model United Nations program for high school students, Chase participated in many co-curricular activities. "Seton Hall is such a tight-knit community, everyone is friendly and it is so comfortable and welcoming here. I've loved my time at Seton Hall. I also love how friendly the priests are, always saying hello, some even give out candy around finals. I've also enjoyed participating in community service programs and especially the way the University teaches us the importance of giving back."

Seton Hall Career Highlights

  • Drug Enforcement Agency internship
  • United States Secret Service internship
  • Global Classrooms Conference chair
  • Studied abroad in Alicante, Spain
  • Division of Volunteer Efforts, Service on Saturday
  • Ski club member
  • Bible study and campus ministry member
  • Student Activities Board
  • Italian student union member
  • Model United Nations conference planner and leader