Seton Hall University
Transfer Center 

Frequently Asked Questions

I was admitted to Seton Hall, but it says that I was not accepted to the major that I applied to. Instead it says that I am an undecided student with the option of tracking a major. What does that mean?

At Seton Hall, if you do not meet the requirements for a specific major, you will not be able to declare that major. However, the colleges still offer a path to declare by tracking the major and meeting certain criteria for admission that way. Each pre-major has different requirements for entry so please talk with a transfer adviser to learn more. The list of pre-majors are as follows:

  • BART – student seeking admission to the Stillman School of Business
  • CART – student seeking admission to the College of Communications and the Arts
  • DIPT – student seeking admission to the School of Diplomacy and International Relations
  • EART – student seeking admission to the College of Education and Human Services
  • PART – student seeking admission other than math or science in the College of Arts & Sciences
  • PRNU – student seeking admission to the College of Nursing
  • PSCI – student seeking admission in either math or science in the College of Arts & Sciences

Are there specific times for classes?

Yes, there are specific days and times for specific sections of a class. There are classes as early as 8:00 a.m. or start as late as 7:30 p.m., yet there may not be many classes with those times. Because many of our students are full-time students, most classes are during the day. If you have a full-time job, talk to your adviser to see what can be done about accommodating your schedule.

Will the classes I need be filled before I get to register?

When meeting with your adviser, they will work on getting you the best schedule they can with the requirements you have for your program. While there may be problems with specific times, your advisor will work to get you the best schedule in order to graduate on time.

Do I have to pay the tuition deposit before I meet with a transfer adviser?

No! You can fill out the "contact us" form, call, or email the Transfer Center and set up an appointment to meet with an advisor before you pay the deposit. The only problem that you will encounter is not being able to register when you sit down for the meeting. As long as you have sent in official transcripts and have a credit evaluation, we can walk you through what you could expect pursuing your degree at Seton Hall.

Should I still send an official transcript if I am still taking courses at my other institution?

Yes, please send the most updated official transcript that you have available. This allows an official credit evaluation to be generated. Credit evaluations are incredibly important for your advising meeting. Without that credit evaluation, we can only speculate as to what credits you will be awarded. Once you are done with classes and have your grades, resend the transcript to get an updated credit evaluation with your latest courses.

When I deposit and register, what do I do after that?

There are a few things that have to be done. First, you should get your I.D. and parking permit from I.D. Services and Parking Services respectively. Second, you should pick up your laptop from Corrigan Hall, Room 25 (Asset Management). Third, log on to your PirateNet account and sign up for the Transfer Orientation and then look up what your books are. If you have questions as to how to do any of these, contact The Transfer Center main office and we can guide you on what to do.

The semester started and I have to make a change to my schedule, can I do that?

Yes, but only for a limited amount of time. The first week of the semester, normally called our Add/Drop week, is when you can drop and add classes freely. If you want to change your classes later then Add/Drop Week, you will only be able to drop a class by filling out withdrawal paperwork. This results in you dropping the class with a "WD" grade. This will not affect your GPA, but will impact the amount of completed credits you will receive at the end of the semester.

What if I don't know how to register for my own classes during the semester?

The Transfer Center provides social events and instructional workshops to help our students with registration, career building, and much more. Additionally, we have a one (1) credit class that runs for half the semester, twice a week, that goes into detail the systems that Seton Hall uses. We send emails to our transfer students and also post on our Facebook page about the events coming up. If you have any questions as to when these events are happening or what they specific event is about, call The Transfer Center for more information.

What financial assistance is available to me as a Seton Hall student?

There are a number of different opportunities for our students to take advantage of. Seton Hall encourages filling out a FAFSA. Financial Aid could be in the form of scholarship, grants, loans, employment opportunities, and a combination of all these forms. University scholarships do not cover fees, room and board, books, or any indirect costs. They primarily apply to the flat tuition rate that you would pay.

Additionally, Francesca Phillippy, M.A., External Scholarship Adviser, provides students with information about scholarships outside of Seton Hall. She can be reached by her phone number (973-761-2352) or by e-mail ( if you require more information.

For scholarships that are offered through Seton Hall can be found on the Financial Aid website. This list of scholarships have many different requirements so any questions can be forwarded to Financial Aid, located in Bailey Hall on the first floor.

Where do I go for help in writing my resume or getting ready for an interview?

The Career Center, located in Bayley Hall, Suite 209, is comprised of designated specialization advisors who can assist you with resume and cover letter writing. They offer workshops on interviewing techniques, preparing personal/career statements, using social medial to network, and tips on networking and negotiating an offer.

Additionally, The Transfer Center works on providing specific programming to our transfer students. The way we create and plan the events are through the input of our students. Every semester the department will put out a survey to find the most common availability among the respondents, making the survey an important part of what events you want to see.

Can I take a course at another school and have the credit transferred to SHU?

Yes, Seton Hall students may be granted permission to take a maximum of 12 credits of general electives (not required courses for major or minor) at another college or university for transfer. Prior permission of the chair of the department offering the equivalent course at SHU and the dean of the school/college is required on the Application to Study at Another Institution-Credit Transfer Form.

Application to Study at Another Institution-Credit Transfer Form and the required signatures must be submitted to the Registrar's Office prior to taking the course.

Students with 30 or fewer credits to complete for their degrees are not eligible for this permission.

Grades from another institution will not be accepted as transfer credits unless the student earned a C or better in the course (check Department's policy on grade required). Grades are not transferred; only credits are transferred. GPA will not be affected by transfer credits. Additionally, please make sure that you are taking the last 30 credits of your degree at Seton Hall, as that is a policy of the school found in our catalogue.