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Seton Hall University

Reporting Sexual Violence

Reporting Sexual Violence

Seton Hall University encourages the reporting of any incident of sexual misconduct or sexual violence. The full text of the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy is available here. The following is an abbreviated document to provide an overview and quick reference for information. It is not intended to replace the full policy. This policy pertains to non-confidential reports. A student wishing to make a confidential report should contact Counseling & Psychological Services (973) 761-9500, Health Services (973) 761-9175, or a member of the Priest Community (973) 761-9545. All other reports will respect a student’s privacy but are not considered confidential.

To File A Non-Confidential Report Or Make A Complaint On Campus:

  • Contact the Dean of Students at (973) 761-9076 or

  • Contact Public Safety & Security at (973) 761-9300

To File A Report Or Make A Complaint Off Campus:

  • Contact South Orange Police Department at (973) 763-3000 or

  • Contact the local police department where the incident occurred. Contact Public Safety or the Dean of Students for assistance in identifying the specific police department and/or getting contact information.

What Happens When A Report Is Made On Campus? 

  • You will be provided with information about resources, assistance, and accommodations available to you on campus and off campus.

  • You will be provided with information about next steps in terms of investigation and adjudication to resolve a complaint.

What Is The Process To Resolve Or Adjudicate A Complaint On Campus?

  • All parties are interviewed and relevant evidence and material is gathered to complile an investigative report.

  • The investigative report is provided to the complainant (person filing the complaint), the respondent (person accused), and the Student Conduct Review Board.

  • The Review Board, consisting of administrators and faculty, conducts a hearing, as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct, available here.

  • The University will provide a resource person, upon request, to the complainant or respondent. The resource person is available for support, to answer questions, etc.

What Will The Outcome Of The Hearing Be?

  • The Review Board will determine based upon a preponderance of the evidence if a violation of University policy occurred. If it is determined that a violation did occur, depending upon the exact nature of the violation and any previous disciplinary history of the respondent, the resulting sanction may range from a warning to expulsion from the University. However, in terms of sexual assault or rape, the sanction is normally suspension or expulsion from the University.

Note: The above is for complaints by a student against a student. Complaints by a student against an employee, vendor, or third-party should be referred to the Title IX Coordinator at (973) 313-6132.

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