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Reverend Thomas G. Guarino to Celebrate Release of Book  

Rev. Thomas GuarinoReverend Thomas G. Guarino, S.T.D., professor of systematic theology at Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology, will deliver a lecture and host a book signing on Tuesday, October 30 at 3:15 p.m. in the Chapel of Christ the Good Shepherd, Lewis Hall. Copies of his latest book, The Disputed Teachings of Vatican II: Continuity and Reversal in Catholic Doctrine, will be available for purchase.

A wine and cheese reception will follow the lecture. All are welcome.

The Second Vatican Council (1962 -1965) reexamined centuries of tradition in the Catholic Church. Father Guarino's book investigates Vatican II's contested teachings on such topics as religious freedom, ecumenism, inter-religious dialogue, and the Church itself, asking if the Council's teachings represents a harmonious development of, or a rupture with, prior Catholic belief. Because of changes wrought by Vatican II, the Council has been hotly disputed for decades.

The Disputed Teachings of Vatican II Book Cover written by Thomas GuarinoThe Disputed Teachings of Vatican II: Continuity and Reversal in Catholic Doctrine discusses the changes introduced by the Council. It explores such questions as: Why did the Church make these changes? Why have they had a disorienting effect on many Catholics? Did the changes call into question the stability of Catholic doctrine?

"Even after more than 50 years, the precise interpretation of the Second Vatican Council, the landmark Christian event of the 20th century, remains in dispute," says Father Guarino. "This volume shows how Vatican II remained faithful to the Catholic tradition, while taking a sophisticated theological path forward on several important issues such as religious freedom, ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue."

Father Guarino is an accomplished writer and four-time recipient of the School of Theology Researcher of the Year (2004, 2009, 2016 and 2018). He is known for his past publications, including Revelation and Truth, Foundation of Systematic Theology, Vattimo and Theology, Evangelicals and Catholics Together at Twenty and Vincent of Lerins and the Development of Christian Doctrine, and scores of articles and reviews in theological and philosophical journals.

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