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Monsignor Guarino Interviewed by First Things on Evangelicals and Catholics Together at Twenty  

Rev. Thomas GuarinoMonsignor Thomas G. Guarino, professor of systematic theology at Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology, was recently interviewed by First Things, a well-known journal of religion and public life. 

The interview concerned the bi-lateral ecumenical initiative known as Evangelicals and Catholics Together (ECT). During the past 20 years, ECT has issued nine statements on a variety of theological and cultural issues. These statements have recently been collected in one volume, co-edited and introduced by Father Guarino and entitled, Evangelicals and Catholics Together at Twenty: Vital Statements on Contested Topics

Monsignor Thomas Guarino and Mark Bauerlein

Monsignor Thomas Guarino and Mark Bauerlein

The interviewer, Mark Bauerlein, senior editor of First Things, said, “Father Thomas Guarino sat down for an interview with First Things Magazine to discuss the history of Evangelicals and Catholics Together. ECT was founded 20 years ago by Richard John Neuhaus and Charles Colson in the hopes of finding common Christian ground among evangelicals and Catholics as they faced increasing pressure from a militantly secular politics of the time. Things have only gotten worse on that score, of course, and Father Guarino's reflections upon ECT and its efforts at unity are a welcome reminder of the values and strengths of the Christian faith.”

Of this ecumenical initiative, Father Guarino stated, “The purpose of ECT is to offer the decisive contributions of Christian faith and thought to contemporary theological, social and cultural questions. In so doing, we hope to work with men and women of other religions and, indeed, with all those seeking the truth, in order to construct a free and properly ordered society.” 

To learn more about Evangelicals and Catholics Together for 20 years, published by Brazos Press 2015, click here»

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