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Outcomes for the Master of Divinity

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Formation: Graduates will be able to integrate their personal faith with their theological studies through human, pastoral, and spiritual formation for the sake of their deepening relationship with Jesus Christ, leading others to Christ, and performing effective pastoral action in contemporary society. (PPF 163)

2. Biblical Studies: Graduates will be able to preach and otherwise employ Scripture in a way that uses appropriate interpretive skills and recognizes that Scripture is the foundation and the soul od theology. (PPF 200; 198)

3. Moral Theology: Graduates will be able to explain and defend the authentic teaching of the Church as regards fundamental moral theology, medical-moral ethics, sexual morality, and social ethics. (PPF 204)

4. Systematic Theology: Graduates will demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the development and Catholic articulation of doctrine (PPF 221; 225).

5. Church History: Graduates will demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the growth and the development of the Church in the World and the United States. (PPF 210)

6. Pastoral Theology: Graduates will be able to apply canonical, liturgical, sacramental, catechetical, and spiritual directives in order to responsibly fulfill their pastoral and sacramental duties as priests and pastoral leaders. (PPF 211; 214)

By the Numbers

  • 100% of graduating students and recent alumni report that our M.Div. program’s academic instruction was of a high quality and academically strong.
  • 100% of our recent M.Div. program graduates are serving as priests in dioceses and religious communities throughout the U.S. and world.