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Outcomes for M.A., Pastoral Ministry

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Graduates will demonstrate a foundational understanding of the Catholic Tradition as encapsulated in four pillars rooted in Scripture and Tradition: the profession of faith (Trinity and Church), liturgy and sacraments, the life of faith (especially moral teaching), and prayer. (ATS Standards of Accreditation 4.8)

2. Graduates will demonstrate cultural competency marked by attention to cultural and social issues, to global awareness and engagement, and to the multifaith and multicultural nature of the United States context. (ATS Standards of Accreditation 4.8)

3. Graduates will demonstrate personal and spiritual maturity as evaluated by supervisors and themselves. (ATS Standards of Accreditation 4.8)

4. Graduates will demonstrate a capacity for religious and public leadership, including capacities for leading in ecclesial and public contexts and reflecting on leadership practices. (ATS Standards of Accreditation 4.8)