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Student Technology Assistant Policy

STA Mission Statement

The Student Technology Assistant (STA) program is designed to bring students, faculty, staff and administration together by allowing students to support teaching and learning within the University. As agents of Seton Hall and University Computing, the STA program provides students with the opportunity to work with technology and to support the technological needs of the university both in and out of the classroom. As a student run and managed program, the students are also given the opportunity to be self-directing in their achievements and in improving the overall success of the program.

Statement on STA Responsibility

Student Technology Assistants are the representatives and agents of Seton Hall University in their relationships with staff and managers in other departments, faculty, students, alumni and other friends, and members of the general public. They are responsible for maintaining the highest standards of the University in those relationships. Student employees should always promote the long-term interests of the University, and to maximize the quality, effectiveness, and productivity for the duties, which they are responsible for.

Standards of Professional Conduct

Although primarily a student, the STA has certain professional responsibilities to the employer. STA's are not permitted to engage in chat lines, games or other inappropriate actions during the hours of employment. The STA is expected to be considerate and reliable. Once a position has been accepted, the student becomes a professional representative of Seton Hall University.

Effective Date
October 1, 2012

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