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Current Projects

AI Chatbot
In order to efficiently provide accurate information to answer the questions of both current and prospective students, the group is looking to partner with an outside vendor to create artificially intelligent "chatbots" available via multiple platforms at all hours. Test. 

Purge Older Prospect and Applicant Records from Banner
The University would like to put more formal data management practices in place to reduce the risks associated with maintaining PII for approximately 150,000 prospect and applicant records from 2015 and prior for individuals that have never registered for classes. These data management practices which would involve moving older data from the transactional system to an archival system would also allow us to reap the added benefits of improving the speed of the Banner database and reducing the overall operating cost of maintaining our databases.

Automation of Onboarding for New Employee System Access
When new employees start, there are several steps to get them system access, phone numbers, laptops and Multi-Factor Authentication. This project is to streamline those steps.

Banner 9 Financial Aid Self-Service installation
The Banner 9 self-service modules have additional functionality that will help our students. Financial Aid wishes to make this available to our students as quickly as practical. The Banner 9 Financial Aid Self Service module is expected to be available from Ellucian in early Fall. Some modifications to the current Banner 8 Self Service page will need to be re-implemented using the Banner 9 PageBuilder system. The requested date for project completion is the start of the Spring semester.

Blackboard Transact to AWS
Blackboard Transact currently runs on old hardware on Seton Hall's campus. This project will move this application and database to Amazon Web Services.

Compliance Training Compliance
Training will be required of all employees, within standard timeframes. The project will include data feeds, automated reminders, and reports.

Chrome River (Travel & Expense) Implementation and Integrate with Ethos
Based on a recommendation from the Huron study, the Board of Regents has directed management to streamline the Travel & Expense operations by automating currently processes.

Display Student ID Photos in Banner 9 and EAB Compass (Phase 1 of 2) 
For many years, student’s photos have been imported from the Lenel ID Card system to Blackboard, so that faculty can see a photo roster of students in their classes. This import uses flags set by the Registrar's Office to allow students to "opt out" of using their ID photos in this way. Several other systems allow the use of student photos to enhance the student and faculty experience, including the Banner 9 self-service modules, the EAB Compass system, the Maxient student conduct incident management system, and the ERezLife housing system. The requested timeframe is to complete import of student photos into the Banner 9 Student and Advisor Profile and EAB Compass by the start of the Fall semester, with additional modules later in the Fall.

ePAF and Workflows for HR Transactions
HR would like to automate certain HR transactions, starting with terminations. We can use ePAFs (electronic personnel action forms) within Banner HR, including a delivered Luminis channel. We want to use Workflow to send notifications to various employees and offices involved in the process.

eRezLife Implementation
eRezLife will replace Adirondack Housing Director (THD), our current Housing and Residence Life software platform. eRezLife will handle those functions currently handled by THD (housing application, selection of roommates, student selection of meal plans, room assignment, duty night log reports, staff weekly reports, student interaction logs) as well as some that may or may not be handled currently by THD (room condition reports, conflict mediation reports, student-at-risk assessment, staff progress reports, overnight guest tracking, staff selection services). eRezLife is vendor-hosted solution (housed on AWS servers).

ESM e-Procurement system
Based on a recommendation from the Huron study, the Board of Regents has directed management to streamline the Procurement operation by automating current purchasing processes including an e-Procurement system.

Ethos Integration
An ever-increasing set of third party hosted/SaaS applications require access to our institution's ERP data. Ellucian has provided a solution that goes above and beyond the traditional feed file transfer and allows data exchange via an API calls to a central integration hub hosted by Ellucian called "Ethos Integration". This hub acts as the go-between for calls from third party applications that request ERP data and lets us custom tailor what data we allow to be sent to specific third-party applications without needing to transfer feed files. This solution scales up to any third-party application that supports Ethos Integration which, hopefully, will be a large subset (if not all at some point) of our vendors.

Front End application for new Workflow for Registrar Office - Course Schedule Changes
Using a newly created front-end web form, department chairs would be able to request updates to course sections housed within their department, i.e. change in enrollment caps, update to instructor, change in course status, etc. The submitted request would then go from the Department Chair to the Dean for approval, and then, if approved, from the Dean to the Office of Registrar for approval, and then upon approval by the Registrar, update the appropriate fields in SSASECT.

HMH View Into NuPark
HMH has the need to lookup information in NuPark. NuPark cannot separate the SO and the Nutley campuses and HMH should not see the SO student and employee information. NuPark has given us access to their API to develop a view for HMH

Law School Anonymous Grading
The Law School needs to have a method developed to have professors grade exams for certain courses using anonymous ID numbers (assigned to the student prior to the exam). The grades then need to be checked to make sure the curve is applied correctly. If a problem exists, the grades are then sent back to the professor to correct. When complete, all grades need to be uploaded to Banner.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
Implement MFA for PirateNet Multi-factor adds additional security for all students, faculty, and staff. All employees have been enrolled as of 10/31/2019. Full-time faculty are currently being enrolled and students are scheduled for Spring 2021.

Resolver Perspective: Move to vendor-hosted solution
This project would move our current on-prem Resolver Perspective (which includes two products within the same environment: Perspective and Dispatch) to a vendor-hosted option that is setup the same way.

Service Account Review and Clean Up
Service Account Review and Clean Up. The goal is to move towards using Lieberman to manage all service accounts, but this will first require understanding what each service account is currently used for and whether or not they are able to be managed by Lieberman based on how they are coded into each application. Extensive discussion is needed with all relevant parties.

Time Entry and Employee Profile - Banner 9
Implement Banner 9 Time Entry and Leave Management version 9.7 with increased functionality for Web Time Entry (student workers) and Leave Reports (administrators).

Cognos 11.0.13 Upgrade
Upgrade to the current institutional reporting system for ERP, COGNOS to the latest supported version.

eTranscript Implementation
eTranscripts is a secure interface between a client's transcript vendor and the Ellucian administrative system that the client institution uses. It facilitates real-time movement of transcript ordering data into the Ellucian system (including student identification and holds notifications), eliminates manual intervention, provides end-to-end efficiencies and ensures consistency throughout the process.

Laundry WIFI
SHU has selected the laundry vendor Fowler. Their application called CyclePay that needs to connect the laundry machines to WIFI and to integrate into the SHU mobile app.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite
This will provide incoming freshmen with the ability to have their laptops delivered at home and be able to configure them off campus.

Wireless Upgrade
The purpose of this project is to redesign and implement a new Wireless Standard across the Wireless Infrastructure. The goal is to improve our level of redundancy and performance that allow all applications to remain in service during an outage of their primary connectivity, or failure of any single Wireless network component.

Completed Projects

Antivirus Enhancement for University IT Services Servers  
The University's servers contain significant amounts of confidential data which the University protects, using standard antivirus software such as Microsoft's Forefront Protection.  Enhanced antivirus protection is being afforded through the monitoring of critical servers with additional security tools.

The TLT Center worked with the Psychology Department to use ePortfolio to provide assessment data for psychology majors.  Video tutorials were created for students in the Occupational Therapy program to help guide students in creating and updating their ePortfolios.

Banner Data Defense Implementation
Improved Banner Security.

Banner Enrollment Services Workflows
Registrar processes, such as requesting and approving grade changes or curriculum changes rely on paper forms, require multiple signatures and routing, and then manual input into Banner.  This project will make the process electronic and much more efficient. 

Blackboard Outcomes
Blackboard Outcomes Assessment is a mechanism of providing insight into what's happening in the classroom, quantifying progress, and allowing for collaborative views of data, and decision making. This tool supports the need to systematize and automate the collection of student work for evaluation and reporting purposes as related to accreditation standards, institutional outcomes, program outcomes, student learning outcomes and improvement efforts. Upgrade of the current Blackboard version will allow the reporting of assessment across courses.

Cisco Wireless Controller Upgrade
Cisco will work with Networking over the next 12-16 months to migrate to a converged access configuration (controllers in individual buildings, not going back to a central controller unit) as the bugs/issues are resolved in that product.   

Data Security Tools Implementation
Recent data breaches such as Target, highlight that the time from the initial breach to discovery can take many months.  A new generation of breach detection / breach prevention software can help remediate against such advanced persistent threats.

E911 Upgrade
The current Amcom Extend911 system has reached end of life and requires replacement.  This project will cover the vendor selection, acquisition, implementation, and go live of a replacement campus wide E911 system.

EZProxy set up for Alumni
Set up an EZProxy instance for Alumni users of library resources.   

FLAC Workflow for Non-Instructional Load 
In support of the implementation of the Faculty Load and Compensation (FLAC) module in Banner, the Provost 's Office is requesting that IT develop a Workflow application for Academic Chairs and Deans to request, approve and enter the appropriate credits into Banner for Non-Instructional Workload (e.g. Advisor, Chair, Dean, Sabbatical, Mentor, etc.).     

Guest Wireless Network 
Implement technology to allow guests to access the university network.   

Halogen move to Hosted 
The Halogen online performance appraisals (e-Appraisal) currently resides in a hosted environment. Due to recent improvements at Halogen, Human Resources has requested the move to a Hosted Application. Sending data from Banner to Halogen will require working with Halogen's HRIS Connect product. AppDev, Systems, and Networking are involved in this effort.

Housing Director 4.0 Upgrade 
The upgrade to Housing Director 4.0 (100% web based) will create a solution for the high demand for proactive, triggered communication to students regarding billing, updates to their account, important room assignment policies, room changes, new roommate assignments, and meal plan deadlines.

Implementation of Privileged Access Management (POC) 
Privileged Access Management is a set of tools that audit and restrict accounts that have access to highly sensitive IT assets (e.g, direct database access to the Banner administrative system, maintenance access to servers, etc.).   

IT Services Component of PCI Compliance Submission   
SHU is required to complete and submit the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) Level D and Attestation of Compliance (AOC) documents upon request to the requiring banks.  There are sections of this questionnaire that pertain specifically to the IT Services department.   

Kronos Upgrade   
Loss of support for Kronos Workforce Central v6.2 requires an upgrade to v8, and will result in new functionality.  Problems with keeping current versions of Java on individual machines will be resolved since version 8 does not require Java for the majority of users. 

Lotus Notes Applications - Decommission 
Databases that are currently in Lotus Notes will be migrated to other system to allow for Lotus notes to be decommissioned.    

Network Core - Migration 
This project tracks the migration of all University buildings from the old core switches in Presidents Hall to the new core in Corrigan and the CEV.  Approximately 25 buildings need to be connected to the new equipment, two internet links need to be moved directly into the equipment, and IPS equipment requires some small configuration changes.  519, 525, Turrell Manor, and Ora Manor will also be connected into this equipment.   

Network Upgrade - Campus Fiber Replacement Project 
Replacing and adding to the existing fiber plant will provide fiber diversity in almost all areas of the campus, and allow for half of the network core to go down (planned or unplanned) without causing any outages throughout campus.  This replacement also extends to across South Orange Avenue to provide on-campus network services to 519 So. Ave, 525 So. Ave, and Turrell Manor residence hall.

Office 365 Staff email Migration
Project to migrate the staff mailboxes to Office 365 in three phases.

Online/Hybrid Course Development
Working with Academic Affairs and supporting their goal to increase graduate enrollment and geographic reach, the TLT Center has developed a long range schedule to develop new online graduate courses and to redevelop existing online graduate programs to modernize and reinvigorate those programs.

Rec Center Lobby Construction   
The recreation center is undergoing refurbishment of its main lobby and hallway by the swimming pool. Telecom/Networking will be required to reconfigure    the area for the wireless network.

Server Hardening   
Provide the University community with a reliable and secure server based operating environment. The goal is to enhance the security posture of the on premise and cloud based server farm. This includes preventing unauthorized access, unauthorized use and service disruptions.   

SharePoint Online Rollout 
Currently, the university is using SharePoint on premises. This project is to deploy SharePoint online in Office365 to the University community for Departmental document sharing.   

TrendMicro OfficeScan Antivirus Client for Workstations
Implementation of antivirus client.

University Advancement Reporting Improvement - Phase II 
Currently Raisers Edge operational reports are created and distributed using SQL scripts.  University Advancement would like to develop consistent operational and analytical reports that can be run on demand by consumers, using Cognos as the reporting tool.  This would be a two-phase project. The first phase would be to develop reports directly from the Raisers Edge data using SQL in Cognos.  The second phase would be to map the RE data into ODS/EDW packages in order to capture snapshots of data at specific points in time in the business cycles.

Video Projects
The Digital Media Team worked with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to create videos as part of CAPS' "What's Up Doc" health series.  Additional projects include filming Ambassador Samantha Power's town hall meeting with students on foreign policy themes and producing additional videos for Undergraduate Admissions' Meet Our Leaders series.

Welcome Center Building 
The University is building a new Welcome Center in the current parking lot of Cabrini Hall.  This building requires wired, wireless, and telecom equipment, including a wireless design for a 750 seat auditorium, VoIP for offices in the building, and redundant fiber optic connections.  

Alertus Desktop: Campus Emergency Notification  
Alertus Desktop would complement and extend our emergency notification services through the Pirate Alert notification systems. Notification alerts will be dispatched to on-campus computers in the event of an emergency.

Banner Cloud
Moved Banner services to the cloud.

Blackboard Transact eAccounts Pirate's Gold Web Deposit  
Upgrading the institution's web deposits service and student account management capabilities to eAccounts (PCI compliant hosted solution by Blackboard).

Campus Network Upgrade   
Upgraded Campus Network to Layer 3.

Cisco VPN Upgrade
VPN Upgrade with enhanced security.

Data Center - Network Upgrade   
Upgraded current data center network equipment in both Corrigan Hall and McNulty Hall with new 10Gbps/40Gbps switch infrastructure.

Desktop Encryption  
Members of the Seton Hall University community store confidential research, student and employee data on their University issued laptop or desktop computer. The University's Data Classification Security Policy, among other policies, states that University employees should not store such information on their computers unless the data is protected. The Desktop Encryption Project is intended to provide one tool for the University community to protect confidential data that might be stored on their University-issued computer.

Mobile Computing Billing Improvement Project  
The current billing system can result in inaccurate billing of the Mobile Computing Technology Fee in certain instances.  Redefining the Banner rules for this fee resulted in accurate billing and less frequent manual intervention.

TapRide (Automated SafeRide Dispatching)  
Department of Public Safety/Student Services implemented TapRide (Automated SafeRide Dispatching) which utilizes iOS and Android apps for rider and driver. Single sign-on integration for students to authenticate via the app was successfully implemented.

X-Tender/BDMS Upgrades  
Functional users reported issues with the current versions of X-Tender and BDMS.  Upon Ellucian's recommendation,  the University upgraded to the latest version and service pack to resolve these issues.