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MakerSpace Participants Challenge Physics  

Popsicle Challenge BridgeThe Challenge: Participants were given a set number of popsicle sticks and tape to construct the most aesthetically pleasing and strongest bridge to cross the great desk divide. All of the bridges passed with flying colors and some structural flex. The Popsicle Bridge challenge illustrates the importance of teamwork and planning while teaching the importance of design. 

Popsicle Challenge Bridge BendingAt the next MakerSpace event, participants will create their own hologram selfie. Participants will make a short video recording and generate a file for a hologram projector. Other Fall 2018 MakerSpace events include hologram selfie videos, Pirate catapult launcher challenge, Raspberry Pi smart tv box creation, and more. Register Now

Space154 is a collaborative place where faculty, students, and the Seton Hall community can come to participate in a variety of experiences. Part learning space, part digital creation space, and part discovery lab, it is a dedicated space on the ground floor of Walsh Library with flexible and café-style workspaces for teams or single users. It features technologies including a 3D printer and Autodesk software, Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits, and text mining/analysis software.

Categories: Science and Technology

For more information, please contact:

  • Renee Cicchino
  • (973) 313-6249
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