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Online Teaching Certificate Series A Success!  

Presention, Universal Design – The Inclusive ClassroomDuring November, the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center, along with the Center for Faculty Development, joined forces and offered faculty an opportunity to earn an Online Teaching Certificate. The program was developed to provide faculty with a variety of helpful tools to develop and facilitate online, or hybrid, classes. The program consisted of five workshops covering the following topics: competencies in online teaching, increasing engagement, design, and implementation of an inclusive classroom, the Quality Maters rubric, and Blackboard Grade Center. Faculty who attended the series and completed the assignments were eligible to receive an Online Teaching Certificate.

To date, 50 faculty members have completed the course. This includes individual faculty members as well as The Department of Occupational Therapy and The Department of Physician Assistant, who worked with the TLTC to tailor the times of the workshops to meet their specific departments' needs. Shayle Benay Adrian, an Instructional Designer who teaches a number of the online learning workshops, feels planning these workshops on a departmental level makes sense. "An advantage of department-specific training is that faculty have an opportunity to discuss discipline-specific questions, projects, and ideas together with an instructional designer. This allows the training to be more collaborative and tailored to the discipline, which can help drive future pedagogical strategies for a particular course or program."

Despite the fact that his program does not offer any exclusive online courses, Christopher Hanifin, M.S., PA-C, Department Chair and Assistant Professor, found the workshop series to be insightful. "While our program has no courses that are completely online, the program content is still very useful. Almost all of our courses rely heavily on technology to deliver portions of the curriculum. We have all found relatively simple changes that we can make in our courses to make them more accessible and incorporate best practices." Hanifin also found working with the TLTC to be a positive experience. "When we discovered that we would not be able to make all of the sessions on the TLTC calendar we were afraid that we would not be able to get through the program this academic year. The TLTC was incredibly responsive in working with our department to schedule sessions that worked around our teaching schedule. As a result, we anticipate that all of our faculty will be able to complete the program by the end of the fall semester. The TLTC is committed to pushing this curriculum out to anyone who can benefit from it."

The series will be offered twice during the upcoming Spring 2018 semester. The TLTC is looking forward to January when they will provide the classes to members of the Masters of Healthcare Administration department. Development for Part 2 of the series is planned for Summer 2018, with workshops starting during the Fall 2018 semester.

Renee Cicchino, Interim Director, Instructional Design, and Training, welcomes additional departments to reach out to the TLTC to set up workshops that are convenient for their department. If you are interested in learning more about these workshops and how they can meet the needs of your department, please reach out to Renee at (973) 313-6249 or via email at

The next Online Teaching Certificate series dates will be announced shortly. If you would like to receive an email notification when the schedule is posted, please complete this form. The dates will also appear in the January Instructional Design Newsletter.

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