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New Zealand Tragedy-Related Scams and Malware Campaigns  

In the wake of the recent New Zealand mosque shootings, the Department of Information Technology advises users to watch out for possible malicious cyber activity seeking to capitalize on this tragic event. Users should exercise caution in handling emails related to the shootings, even if they appear to originate from trusted sources. Fraudulent emails often contain links or attachments that direct users to phishing or malware-infected websites. Emails requesting donations from duplicitous charitable organizations are also common after tragic events. Be wary of fraudulent social media pleas, calls, texts, donation websites, and door-to-door solicitations relating to the event.

To avoid becoming a victim of malicious activity, use caution when opening email attachments, and do not click on links in unsolicited email messages.

  • Report phishing emails by clicking the "Report Phishing" button.
  • Check if your email or password have been compromised here.
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication for sensitive accounts.
  • If you suspect your Seton Hall account is compromised, contact the Technology Service Desk immediately (

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For more information, please contact:

  • Technology Service Desk
  • (973) 275-2222