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Mobile Computing Program Update  

lenovo x390 laptopThe Department of Information Technology, in collaboration with the Student Government Association, Faculty Senate and Division of Finance, has decided to discontinue the laptop refresh and associated fee after students’ sophomore years. These changes to the mobile computing program are designed to maintain the program’s high quality and service while reducing costs to students.

Several factors contributed to this decision.

First, there is little benefit to students in receiving new laptops after only two years, as the pace of hardware technology has slowed in recent years. The newest models by Lenovo and other vendors provide nearly identical specs and speeds compared to the models our students already use.

Seton Hall recognizes that COVID-19 continues to adversely affect the finances of students and families. As previously announced, the University is in the midst of a top-to-bottom fiscal review. By eliminating the refresh and mobile computing fee, students will save more than $500 annually in their junior and senior years. Rising sophomores will continue to pay the mobile computing fee for one more year and keep their laptop at the end of their sophomore year. Rising juniors will own their laptop immediately and will realize the fee savings this year.

Finally, the pandemic continues to disrupt global supply chains, particularly in China, which sources many of the components necessary to manufacture new technology. This may impact the availability of inventory.

We are also extending the warranty period for all Lenovo laptops through senior year for all full-time undergraduate students at no additional cost. In lieu of a hardware refresh, our team of technicians will assist students in software refreshes that include optimizations, virus removal and updates to improve the functionality and responsiveness of the devices. The Technical Service Area in Corrigan Hall will continue to provide on-site support, repairs, and loaner laptops.

We believe these decisions will greatly help students by reducing their costs while providing them the technology and services they need to succeed in their studies at Seton Hall.

Students who are eligible for a Mac refresh because of their program requirements will be given the option to refresh to a Mac and continue to pay the $275/semester Mobile Computing fee or keep their current laptop and not pay the fee. This decision was made in collaboration with College of Communication and the Arts and allows the student to make the decision based on their personal circumstances.

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