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12 Tips to Ensure a Secure Password  

Hands typing on a laptop computer.In this day of age, many of us use a variety of different programs daily that require a password. The intention of passwords is obvious; it is to keep our private information safe. Many of us, however, use passwords that are easy for imposters and robots to crack putting us, and the University, in danger of having our personal information end up in the wrong hands. As technology becomes smarter and smarter, we must too. Below provides 12 tips to keep in mind when setting up your passwords.

  1. Use at least 14 characters
    • The longer the better, as long as you can remember it easily
  2. Do not repeat your username as your password 
  3. Do not use personal information such as your name, age, birth date, child's name, pet's name, or favorite color/song 
  4. Do not use common words, in any language, that robots can easily detect 
  5. Make your password easy to remember, but hard to crack
    • Use random unexplainable phrases: correcthorsebatterystaple 
    • Use the first letter of each word in a line from your favorite song lyric: How Much is that Doggie in the Window? Password: H$itditw1? 
  6. Use symbols and punctuation if permitted 
  7. Use a mixture of upper and lowercase characters 
  8. Avoid sequencings and simple transformations 
    • Common passwords found during large-scale breaches used "12345" "abc123," and number repetitions like "111111”
  9. Keep your password a secret 
  10. Never provide your password over email or based on an email request 
  11. Use unique passwords for each of your accounts. Using the same password for multiple accounts (email, banking, social media) can lead to identity theft 
  12. And remember, change your password frequently
    • Employees every 60 days 
    • Faculty every 90 days 
    • Students every 120 days

Following the above guidelines will help keep your, and the University's, private information secure. Please feel free to contact the Technology Service Desk at
(973) 275-2222, ext. 2222, or at with any questions.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Diana Moran
  • (973) 761-7566
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