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Laptop Image Software Installation Procedure

The Software Installation Procedure outlines the process for evaluating, certifying, procuring and installing new software applications requested by faculty and staff to be installed on the Faculty/Student Laptop Image. The Software Installation Procedure was established to support faculty and staff as they enhance their courses and administrative duties with new technology and to ensure that individuals and departments gain the most benefit while avoiding some common problems in utilizing software. It also outlines the timetable needed to evaluate whether or not the technology will work properly within the current infrastructure and with the current equipment and systems.

  • All software installation requests for the faculty/student laptop image must be approved by the Office of the CIO. 
  • Contact the Associate Director for Digital Media, Teaching Learning and Technology Center at (973) 275-2929 as soon as you have a request to evaluate software. All requests must be made no later than December 1st.
  • The Department of Information Technology will conduct a compatibility study to determine if the software will be compatible with University systems standards. 
  • The compatibility study must be completed by January 15th to allow sufficient time for distribution to both the upcoming junior class and the incoming freshman class.
  • Once the compatibility study is complete, we will move into the installation and testing phase where the software will be installed and tested on the faculty/student laptop image. 
  • The requesting department/college is responsible for acquiring the appropriate licensing of the software. A valid site license for all laptops is required.
  • If the acquisition of valid licenses is unbudgeted, the requesting department must address this through the University budget process.
  • Software installations will be reviewed annually by the Associate Director for Digital Media, Teaching Learning and Technology Center to ensure that appropriate licenses have been acquired and to work with the requesting department regarding any maintenance or upgrades required for the software.

Effective Date
June 10, 2008

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